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Setting Up An Email Account - Hotmail

Windows Live Icon

Getting a Windows Live Hotmail Account

Windows Live Hotmail (Formerly MSN Hotmail) is Microsoft’s web-based email program. You can sign up for an account at Hotmail offers a free basic account, and an enhanced “Plus” version $19.95 a year. The instructions below outline some of Hotmail’s features and help you set up a basic account.

Hotmail Features

  • Available in 35 languages
  • 5GB of storage
  • Send and receive attachments up to 10 MB in size
  • Built in audio player
  • Choiceof colour schemes
  • Preview messages from your Inbox
  • Built in instant messenger program/li>
  • Folders to organize your messages
  • Windows Live Calendar
  • Protectionfrom spam and viruses

Setting up a Hotmail Account

Hotmail Home Page
  1. In the Address bar near the top of the screen, type and press enter.

  2. Click on Sign up in the middle of the screen to begin creating your new account.

Hotmail Screen Shot
  1. Click on Get It under the Windows Live Hotmail column. Hotmail is the basic email program providing all the standard features of a free web-based email service. Windows Live Services also provides a free Hotmail account, plus additional features such as online file and storage and sharing, online photo galleries, event planning, web publishing, and online protection for your family.

    The remainder of this tutorial will focus on setting up and using a Windows Live Hotmail account.

Hotmail Screen Shot
  1. Choose your Windows Live ID. The name you choose will become your email address, and it must be unique – this means that no other Hotmail user can have the same ID. By clicking on Check Availability, Hotmail will tell you if anyone else is using your desired ID name. If so, Hotmail will suggest alternative names you can choose from, or try another name of your choosing.

Hotmail Screen Shot

Tip: Hotmail offers two different types of email accounts: and These domains are exactly the same, and will allow you to access all Hotmail’s services, but will give you greater flexibility in your choice of a Windows Live ID name. If the Windows Live ID name you want isn’t available on, try it on!

Hotmail Screen Shot
  1. Choose a Password. Hotmail requires that your password be at least six characters in length, and can be any combination of upper or lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. You will need to enter your password every time you log into your account, so make sure you choose a password that you can remember easily!

    As you enter your password, Hotmail will measure its Strength. The stronger your password is, the more difficult it is for someone else to guess, and the safer your email account is!

For Example:
library Weak Password
Librarian Medium Strength Password
Librarian99 Strong Password
  1. Retype your Password to make sure you have entered the exact password that you wish to use for this account.

Hotmail Screen Shot
  1. Enter an Alternate email address if you have another email account. This will allow Hotmail to authenticate your account if you ever forget your password or the answer to your security question. If you do not have another email account, simply skip this step.

  2. Choose a Security Question from the list by clicking on the arrow at the right. If you ever forget your Hotmail password, you will be asked to answer this security question in order to access your account. Make sure to choose a question that you will remember the answer to, but choose one that the answer cannot be guessed or researched by anyone else.

  3. Enter Your Answer to the Security Question you have chosen. Make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct so that you will be able to answer your Security Question if you ever forget your password!

Hotmail Screen Shot
  1. Enter your First Name

    Enter your Last Name

  2. Choose your Gender by clicking on the appropriate circle

  3. Enter your Year of Birth. Hotmail requires only the year, so do not enter the month or day.

  4. Select your Country of residence by clicking on the arrow at the right and choosing from the drop-down list. One you change the country to Canada from its United States Default, the State and ZIP code fields (15 and 16) will change to Province and Postal Code.

  5. Select your Province by clicking on the arrow at the right and choosing from the drop-down list.

  6. Enter your Postal Code
Hotmail Screen Shot
  1. Type the set of characters you see in the picture below. If you are having difficulty reading the image, click on the icon with the Blue Arrows to refresh the box and try a different image. If you are still having difficulty reading the image, click on the icon with the Speaker (at the top) to listen to an audio version.

Hotmail Screen Shot Clicking on the Speaker will bring up this page. Click on Play Audio to identify a series of numbers spoken over background noise. Enter these numbers into the Type Characters box. If you can’t hear  the numbers click the Blue Arrows icon to hear a new version, or on the abc icon to return to the picture test.

This is a CAPTCHA test, which is a challenge-response test designed to identify computers from humans – a computer would not be able to read the altered letters. This test prevents automated computer software from registering fake email addresses.
Hotmail screen shot
  1. Read the Windows Live Service Agreement and the Privacy Statement by clicking on the blue links, then press I accept to complete your application!

    If there were any problems with your application, Hotmail will re-open the application page and the problem areas will be highlighted with red flags and instructions.

Hotmail Screen Shot
  1. If your application was completed successfully, you will see this page. You must select either the Classic or Full setting, which will determine the appearance and features of your mailbox.

    The Classic version is Hotmail’s original, most simple and straightforward view, whereas the new Full version has added features such as the ability to preview messages in your inbox, to click and drag messages into folders, and to auto-fill addresses as you type. You can change this setting in the options menu at any time after your account is set up.

    Once you have selected your version, Hotmail will direct you straight to your mailbox. Your account is now ready to use!

    To learn more about using your account, go to Using Hotmail.