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BC Books Online

Books Published in British Columbia

BC Books Online

History, Sports, Gardening and More


What is BC Books Online?

The Association of Book Publishers of BC, BC Libraries, the BC Library Association, BC Electronic Library Network, the Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium, and The Irving K Barber Learning Centre at UBC, has created a collection of BC-published non-fiction titles, accessible online, for libraries throughout the province. The database is available until 2011.

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How to Use This from Home?

Access BC Books Online from the comfort of your home by logging on with your library card number and password.
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You can access the entire BC Books Online collection through our catalogue by clicking here.



When in BC Books Online, browse the titles listed or focus your search by clicking on the subject areas listed at the top of the screen.



Click on the cover or title of the book. Read it online or print by clicking on InfoTools on the top left-hand corner and select print.


To use BC Books Online, you will need...

  • Your library card (apply here if you don't have one)
  • Computer or cell phone with Internet access

Explore the Collection

Best Weekend Getaways
A good catch: sustainable seafood recipes from Canada

Steve Nash
Steve Nash
by Paul Arseneault
Easy hiking around Vancouver

Almost Green
Me funny
Me Funny
by Drew Hayden Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to read documents?

No, viewing documents is free, and your institution has paid for any copy or print transactions that you perform.

Why can´t I save a copy of the entire document?

An ebrary reader delivers documents to your desktop page by page. Page-by-page delivery eliminates time-consuming downloads and provides copyright protection for our publishing partners.

I cannot see the document I clicked on – I just see white space.

Make sure that you have the ebrary Plug-in Reader software installed. ebrary displays the document as it was originally printed, so blank pages might appear throughout the document. Documents often begin and end with blank pages. Click ahead or back in the document to ensure you are not just on a blank page in the document.

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Why use BC Books Online?

  • Read up on a variety of topics (Cooking, History, Art, Sports etc.)
  • Find out what books are being published in BC
  • Learn more about BC!

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