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Encyclopaedia Universalis

Want to improve your skills?

Encyclopaedia Universalis

Practice tests, résumé writing, eBooks and more


What is Encyclopaedia Universalis?

Encyclopaedia Universalis is a France- based French-language general purpose encyclopedia similar to the Encyclopedia Britannica in English. The website includes the Encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and special featured articles and subject guides.

How to Use This from Home?

Access Encyclopaedia Universalis from the comfort of your home by logging on with your library card number and password.
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Find resources for class projects in the language that is used in school.

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Browse the encyclopedia in La classification narrowing your search by keyword

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Use the atlas to find quick facts about the countries of the world, including maps and statistics.

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To use Encyclopaedia Universalis, you will need...

  • Your library card (apply here if you don't have one)
  • Computer with Internet access

Special features

Multimedia Content

Watch historical videos and listen to radio clips from a French perspective on major historical events in Les Medias.

Weekly Content

Experiment with geometry, physics and other sciences with L'experience de la semain.
Watch video essays on important topics affecting the world in science, politics, and culture in Entretien la Semain.

Major World Events

Clés pour le XXIe siècle features special articles about the major events that shape our world that define our times, both by individual country and internationally, starting in 1989.

Why use Encyclopaedia Universalis?

Rather than using English Encyclopedias, the Encyclopaedia Universalis allows you to do all your research in French.