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Safari Computer eBooks

Find the latest computer books

Safari Computer eBooks

Programming, websites, product information and more!


What is Safari?

Contains more than 10,000 computer eBooks with topics ranging from basic computers skills to web development to Apple products to network administration. Approximately 50-60 new titles are added every month. Titles from many prolific publishers, including O’Reilly, Cisco, Pearson and more.

How to Use This from Home?

Access Safari Computer eBooks online from the comfort of your home by logging on with your library card number and password.
Log on now (you will be directed to the login page)
Please sign out and clear your session after you're done so that Safari can become available for other library users.

If you get a Session Unavailable error message there may be too many people logged on or your computer has been inactive for more than 20 minutes. Please sign out and click on the Start using Safari button under Academic License & Public Library Users to see if a spot has become available.

Find a book to view

Click on "books" in the left navigation menu (or Quick Links) and you will see a featured book and also a selection of the latest books.


Browse different categories

(Click arrow to expand category on the left navigation bar)

Topic: Digital media, Web development
Product: MS Word, Facebook
Vendor: Apple, Amazon & more!


Search for the topic you want

Use the search bar on the top to search the entire site or just book and video titles. Use advanced search if you want to perform more complicated searches or narrow your results more.


To use Safari Computer eBooks, you will need...

  • Your library card (apply here if you don't have one)
  • Computer or cell phone with Internet access

Explore the Collection

iPad The Missing Manual
Find books on various products
Learning Web Design
Get tips on Web Design

Brush up on your programming skills
Step by step guides for graphic designers

Digital Photography
Learn more about photography
Great Accounting and Business material

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a complicated downloading process?
No! You can read the books directly on your computer. No downloads or additional software is required.

Can I email books?
You can email a link to a page, but not the whole book. Click the email icon to send a link to the page via email.

Can I print?
Yes. Click on the "print" icon. Please note: Even though there is no limit to how many pages you can print, people are expected to follow the normal copyright restrictions.

More Computer Books for Everyone

Our computer book collection is very popular and it is important for us to provide the most up-to-date information. Safari database adds breadth to our print collection.

Interesting fact: Sometimes Safari will have the electronic version of a book that hasn’t even been published yet!


  • Overview tab: Get a description of the book, reviews & ratings, and links to browse books in similar topics
  • Table of Contents tab: All the titles in the Table of Contents are linked so you will be able to jump to different sections of the book
  • Extras tab: Find supplemental content or an errata page that is included in the print version of the book
  • Search This Book tab: Search within the current book!