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Create & Learn @yourlibrary

Create & Learn @yourlibrary

Upload your own content - Share it with your community!

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What Is Create & Learn?

Create & Learn is a new system that makes it possible to add your own content to the Library's collection! You can add anything you want to Create & Learn - maybe a book you've written, your memoirs, or a school assignment. On Create & Learn you can enhance your document with videos, audio clips, quizzes, hyperlinks and more, then you can share it with your friends or your community!

How Does it Work?

About Create & Learn Check out our Create & Learn Getting Started Guide!

To use Create & Learn, all you need to get started is your document (either a Word document or PDF) and your library card! After that, there are four basic steps:

  1. Log in to Create & Learn, go to "Create!" and click "Create a New Document"

  2. Upload your pdf or word document, and give it a name, and some subject tags. You can choose to have your document private (so only you can see it), or leave it public and share it so that anyone in the Richmond Public Library community can see it.

  3. Enhance your document with extras like youtube videos, photos, audio clips, quizzes, links, and more! (optional)

  4. Share your document's link with your friends and family!