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Richmond Public Library
Statistical Information


Richmond & British Columbia

  • - The website of the city of Richmond offers an overview of Richmond’s population and history. Click on Discover Richmond to view Richmond’s profile, history, "population hot facts" and demographic data.
  • - The publications section of the MetroVancouver’s website features data on a variety of population and demographic subjects. Also features a statistics section with MetroVancouver Key Facts and census demographic bulletins.
  • BCStats - Provides detailed statistical data on demographic, social, and economic status and trends in British Columbia. Subject access includes aboriginal peoples, economics, environmental, import/exports, labour and income, geography, population and demographics, and social statistics. Major features include:
    • Richmond Census Profile
    • Quick Facts About British Columbia - Offers descriptions of British Columbia’s economics, geography, and demographics, as well as its standing within Canada.
    • Business and Industry - Provides data on employment, bankruptcies, and construction and housing, as well as detailed information on British Columbia industries.
    • Census data - Contains data from the 2006, 2001, 1996, and 1991 Census of Canada, including profiles of BC electoral districts. Also contains historical census data, including municipalities from 1921-2006 and regional/municipal census populations from 1941-1986.


  • Statistics Canada - Canada’s National Statistics Agency’s website offers a wealth of statistical data; subject access includes agriculture, business, crime and justice, culture and leisure, education, energy, manufacturing, transportation, etc. Also features Canadian quick facts in its Latest Indicators, as well as government information on a wide range of other topics.
    NOTE: Selected Statistics Canada publications are only available here through the Richmond Public Library website as a part of the Federal Depository Library Services Program.
  • Depository Library Services - Statistics Canada publications available from the federal Depository Library Services Program.
  • Canadian Census - Provides online access to census data from 2006, 2001 and 1996. Includes topical studies, community profiles, maps, and other information drawn from the most recent national statistics. Visit the Overview of the Census of Canada for a guide to understanding and using census Canada reports and data.
  • Canada Communicable Disease Report - Provided by Health Canada, an annual report on infectious diseases in Canada. Freely available in full-text for print or download, dating from 1995 to the present.
  • Public Health Agency of Canada - Provided by Health Canada with the mission of helping “to protect the health and safety of all Canadians,” this site has detailed statistics on a wide variety of Canadian health topics. Features surveillance reports on communicable diseases and other health issues in Canada, including HIV/AIDS, TB, West Nile, STIs, and Influenza.

United States & World

  • US Census Bureau - Provides a wealth of statistical data relating to the United States; subjects include people and households, business and industry, agriculture, housing, and transportation. Also features economic indicators, the 2000 Census data, and information on the upcoming 2010 US census.
  • International Database - Collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, this database provides statistics on 226 countries and areas of the world. Offers access to demographic data and statistical information on a wide variety of topics such as population, birth, death, fertility, and mortality rates, marital status, migration, religion, ethnicity, language, and labour.
  • Population Reference Bureau - Offers articles, reports, and statistics on world population. Contains statistical data on a wide range of population topics, including gender, health, aging, poverty, mortality, policy, and race. Browse the website by Topic or by Country and Region. Website is available in English, French and Spanish.
  • World Health Organization’s Core Health Indicators - Provides health statistics for 193 countries worldwide. Includes adult and infant mortality rates, life expectancies, deaths due to diseases, health service coverage, risk factors, and other demography and socioeconomic statistics. Features annual World Health Report with up-to-date statistics on health and disease in all countries.
  • Global Health - Provides data by country on world health and disease. Contains data on disease, risk indicators, programs, health workforce, demography and population, and economy by country. Focuses on HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, and emerging diseases and health problems. Offers data displayed in tables, charts and maps freely printed and downloaded.
  • National Center for Health Statistics - From the United States, this website offers up-to-date information on health and disease in the United States. Features statistics on a wide range of health topics including aging, births, deaths, disease, health care, and physical activities.

Statistics Help

  • STEPS Statistics Glossary - Contains an alphabetical index of statistical terms and concepts with definitions and explanations. Also features more detailed information on a variety of statistics basics.
  • Statistics Canada Key Resources - Offers help with statistics. Includes definitions, data sources and methods, articles and reports and more.