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Richmond Public Library
Citizenship Resources

Find information about how to become a Canadian citizen.


To use this database from home you will need to log on with a Richmond Public Library card.

  • Learning Express Library Canada has a practice Canadian Citizenship exam
  • Websites

    • Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Government of Canada site which explains the requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen and how to apply. Also provides information on the status of individual applications, and how long the process may take.
    • Discover Canada - This is a web version of the study booklet for Canadian citizenship. The booklet can also be downloaded in pdf form, or checked out from any branch of the Richmond Public Library. Ask at the Information Desk.
    • Richmond Public Library's Canadian Citizenship Practice Test - Based on "A Look At Canada", this site allows potential citizens to practice for the Citizenship Test using multiple choice questions. The test can be done in English or French. Also provides a link to questions and answers about current political information pertaining to Richmond.

    Community Resources

    • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. – Assists immigrants in adapting to a Canadian lifestyle and provides translation services, assistance with finding employment and housing, and information on becoming a Canadian citizen.

    Books & Study Guides

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