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Income Tax: Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Contact Revenue Canada:

  • Phone number: 1-800-959-8281
  • Automated phone service: 1-800-267-6999
  • e-service Helpdesk: 1-800-714-7257

Online Forms and Publications

1. Who has to file a tax return?

2. Where can I pick up a print copy of the Income Tax Package in Richmond?

3. Can I file online or by phone?

4. Where can I find free and qualified help to prepare my income tax forms?

5. How can I find out about my refund?

6. How can I make my payment?

Tax Savings and Tax Credits, Including RRSPs

1. How can I find out what tax deductions and credits I qualify for?

2. Where can I find out my RRSP contribution limit?

3. What are some of the newer tax credits available this year?

4. What tax credits are available for children and families?

5. What are the rebates related to home buyers?

6. What are the tax credits for persons with disabilities and those who support them?

Books with Great Tips

Evelyn Jacks' essential tax facts
by Evelyn Jacks

101 tax secrets for Canadians : smart strategies that can save you thousands
by Timothy J. Cestnick

Master your taxes :
how to maximize your after-tax returns
by Evelyn Jacks

Tax tips for Canadians for dummies

The ultimate TFSA guide : strategies for building a tax-free fortune
by Gordon Pape

Software and Online Help

1. How can I file online?

2. What are some software programs and web applications for preparing tax returns?

3. Are online tax calculators available?

4. Where can I find more answers to frequently asked questions?

Tax Slips and Recordkeeping

1. What if I cannot find my current tax slips?

2. How do I let Canada Revenue know of my change of address?

3. What are the important dates for Individuals and Businesses?

Special Circumstances

1. How can taxpayers with special needs get help and information?

2. Where can I find information on international and non-resident tax inquiries?