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Richmond Public Library
Legal Information

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Legal Information

Available Only In The Library

LegalEze, Statutes & Regulations of BC
Regulations bulletins, orders in council, third reading bills, Hansard debates, BC Gazette, consolidated provisions in force, Rules of Court and Related Enactments & ministry responsibilities.


Available Only In The Library

Vehicle Safety & Inspection Standards Online
Provides access to vehicle safety and inspection standards and related BC legislation.


Catalogue Search Tips

Try searching for other materials in our online catalogue. You can use terms like "Canadian law" or more specific terms like "divorce".
Check out our legal collection on the second floor of the Brighouse Branch.


Web Resources

General Legal Information

Statutes, Regulations & Bylaws


  • Richmond Bylaws
    Accessible online through three lists: Alphabetic by bylaw title; Numeric by bylaw number; and by Chapter in DRAFT Municipal Code order.

British Columbia

  • Statutes and Regulations of BC
    Free public access to the current laws of British Columbia. This unofficial current consolidation of BC Statutes and Regulations is updated continually as new and amended laws come into force.
  • Dial-a-Law
    A library of legal information that provides recorded scripts by phone at 604.687.4680 or 1.800.565.5297, online or written.



Online Legal Resources

Information found on the internet does not take the place of legal advice. Since the law is always changing, information provided on legal websites may not be correct, complete, or up to date.

Get Legal Advice: Services & Organizations

  • BC Courthouse Library
    Aa non-profit organization providing legal information services to the legal community and the public of BC.
  • BC Supreme Court Self-Help Information Centre
    If you don't have a lawyer representing you, this Centre can help you get the information you need to prepare your Supreme Court family or civil case. Learn about the court system and court procedures, get legal information, locate and fill out the relevant court forms, find out about free legal advice, and find alternatives to court.
  • The Public Legal Education Society
    Also known as the People's Law School, this non-profit organization sponsors free lectures on a great variety of legal topics, taught mainly by lawyers.
  • The Law Centre
    A service of the University of Victoria, Faculty of Law, that provides advice, assistance and representation to clients who cannot afford a lawyer.
  • UBC Law Student's Legal Advice Program
    A student-run organization that provides legal advice to those who cannot otherwise afford such assistance. Their manual of free legal information is also available online.
  • Lawyer Referral Service
    The service enables the public to access lawyers and provides the opportunity to have a consultation with a lawyer for up to 30 minutes for a fee of $25 plus taxes. For the name of a lawyer to consult, call 604.687.3221 or 1.800.663.1919.
  • Legal Information Outreach Workers (LIOWs)
    Staff members at Legal Services Society (LSS) who help people find legal information, provide printed legal information, refer to other LSS services and community services. Call them at 604.601.6206 in Vancouver Centre.

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