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Math: Algebra




LearningExpress Click the logo to access LearningExpress Canada. Once there, click on 'Highschool' (on the left-hand side), click 'Math skills improvement' (first option in the middle of the screen), click 'Algebra' (first option). You will need to login to access the database.


Dr. Math: High School Algebra
Find answers to your questions! The Math Forum has examples of questions and answers that students have asked Dr. Math.

CliffsNotes: Math
Get help with math!

Pre-Algebra: Math Learning Guides
Get answers to your questions about statistics, probability, geometry and of course algebra!

Wolfram Mathworld: Algebra
Wolfram Mathworld offers clear diagrams and explanations on a variety of topics.

PurpleMath: Practical Algebra Lessons
Has examples and explanations (with diagrams) on a variety of Algebra related topics.

Algebra & Trigonometry: Free eBooks
Read online books for free!

S.O.S. Math: Algebra
Short descriptions of algebraic rules and formulas. Homework Help Algebra
Explanations of algebraic formulas with unit tests.

British Columbia Provincial Exams: Mathematics
Taking a math exam? Find practice provincial math exams and keys on the BC Ministry of Education website.