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Science: Physics




eLibrary In eLibrary click 'Topics' on the top navigation bar. Click 'Science'. Under 'Physical Sciences' click 'Physics'. Find articles, photographs, and links to websites on Physics.
EBSCOhost In EBSCO type "Physics" AND "Almanac" in the search box. Click on any of the articles that are of interest. You can print, email or save the articles.


Physics Classroom
Detailed examples, reviews, and movies all explaining the world of physics.

Physics: Free eBooks
Read online books for free!

CliffsNotes: Sciences
Get help with CliffsNotes handy guide to sciences!

Want to know how Tsunamis are formed? What the weather is like in space? Uncertain of the Uncertainty Principle? has articles and links to hundreds of different sites related to physics.

The Particle Adventure
Take a ride with particles and learn all about the theory of fundamental particles and forces, accelerators and particle detectors, and more!

Learn how your world works with Physics Central.

Physics News
Links to websites on all the latest physics and nanotechnology news headlines.

Welcome to quizmeBC, an interactive engine designed to help British Columbian students practice for provincials. Here, you'll find multiple-choice questions from the last two years' provincial exams in Physics 12.

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics This site contains extensive resources for Physics (astrophysics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, wave motion, and more).

British Columbia Provincial Exams: Physics 12
Taking the Physics 12 exam? Find practice provincial Physics 12 exams on the BC Ministry of Education website.