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Science: Earth & Space
Earth and Space

Earth & Space



eLibrary Login to eLibrary. Click 'Topics' on the top navigation bar. Click 'Science'. Click 'Earth Sciences' or browse the many topics underneath. You will find articles, photographs, and links to websites about Earth and Space.


Climate Change (or for more general information - Climate change: the basics)
Find out how climate change affects people and the environment.

Crash Course: Ecology
YouTube video's that help you better understand the earth a little bit more!

CliffsNotes: Sciences
Get help with CliffsNotes handy guide to sciences!

Earth Sciences: Free eBooks
Read online books for free!

The Dynamic Earth
Great explanations and diagrams about plate tectonics and volcanoes, gems and minerals, rocks and mining, and the solar system.

Environment Canada: Water
Learn about the hydrologic cycle, water pollution, acid rain, erosion and sedimentation and much more.

Our Solar System
Detailed descriptions of the Sun, planets, comets, asteroids, and much more!

World Biomes
Pick your Biome! Detailed descriptions of different biomes: aquatic, desert, forest, grasslands, and tundra.

British Columbia Provincial Exams: Geography and Geology 12
Taking the provincial exam? Find practice provincial exams on the BC Ministry of Education website.

World Resources Institute: EarthTrends Environment Information
This portal brings together environmental, social, and economic factors in reports, country profiles, maps, and data tables. Free registration is required after three searches.