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key words you should know

books and DVDs at the library

by Seymour Simon
Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate
by Alvin Silverstein
by Darlene Lauw
(Good for experiments)
Science Matters series
by various authors
Weather Fundamentals DVD
Weather fundamentals series (DVD)
by Schlessinger Media
For more great books on the weather, try these search terms in our library catalogue using the keyword subject search:
TIP: Add the term "juvenile" to limit your search to just kids' books

Weather Juvenile Literature

Meteorology Juvenile literature

Climatology Juvenile literature

Or search by the name of the specific weather feature you need: eg. "hurricanes"

online reference books and articles

eLibrary Canada
Find answers online at eLibrary Canada. Click on Bookcarts then click on "Weather" to get a collection of articles, photos, and maps you can use for your homework.

You will have to sign in with your library card if you are using eLibrary at home.