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Ancient Greece

Learn More About Ancient Greece

Did Greek soldiers really hide inside the Trojan horse? Did Greek soldiers really hide inside the Trojan horse? : and other questions about the ancient world
by Carol M. Scavella Burrell

Ever wonder if the Greeks really invented school? Or if the first Olympics were really held in Ancient Greece? And did Greek soldiers really hide inside a big wooden horse to trick their enemies in the Trojan War? Get answers to all of your curious questions about Ancient Greece and other ancient places in this book!

What Did the Ancient Greeks Do For Me? What Did the Ancient Greeks Do For Me?
by Patrick Catel

How did the ancient Greeks influence modern warfare? What ancient Greek invention was important in the Industrial Revolution? When was democracy established in ancient Greece? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Ancient Greek Civilization Ancient Greek Civilization
by Cleo Kuhtz and Hazel Mary Martell

Learn about the structure of Greek city-states and about mythology as well as traditions and inventions, including those of clothing and jewelry, entertainment, warfare, science and education, agriculture, trade, and transportation.

How the Ancient Greeks Lived How the Ancient Greeks Lived
by John Malam

Find out what Ancient Greek's houses were like, how they famed, what they learned at school, and which gods and goddesses they prayed to. Learn about their great achievements: amazing temples, classic plays, and the Olympic games!

Ancient Greece Ancient Greece
by Robert Hull

This book examines the many contributions the ancient Greeks made to our world today. Trace the rise of Ancient Greek civilization through timelines, maps, photographs, and artifacts.

Hail! Ancient Greeks Hail! Ancient Greeks
by Jen Green

Want to know who had influence, who fell from favor, and who lost their heads? Enquiring minds will find it all in this tabloid-style book, plus fashion tips, secret diaries, and advice columns for kings and tyrants!

Life in Ancient Greece The Greeks: Life in Ancient Greece
by Michelle Levine

In this book, you'll learn about people's daily activities, religion, buildings, inventions, and leaders. Photographs and vivid comic-style illustrations help bring this culture to life!

Ancient Greece Ancient Greece
by Sandra Newman

Delve into the birth and death of Ancient Greece, as well as all the stuff in the middle, including Ancient Greek government, arts, sciences, gods, and sports. Find out why Ancient Greece is still important today.

Ancient Olympics Welcome to the Ancient Olympics
by Jane Bingham

The Olympics in Ancient Greece were very different from the Olympics today, even though some of the sports are the same. Explore the different events, ceremonies, and feasts of the Ancient Olympics, and compare them to today's!

Ancient Greece Ancient Greece DVD
by JWM Media

Join archaeologist Arizona Smith and a young detective-in-training as they unlock the clues of ancient Greece, including a trip to Acropolis.

Study Online

eLibrary Canada
Find answers online at eLibrary Canada. Click on Bookcarts then click on "Ancient Greece" to get a collection of articles, photos, and maps you can use for your homework.

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British Museum: Ancient Greece
Look at maps and timelines of Ancient Greece, follow the daily life of different Greek citizens, explore an Ancient Greek shipwreck, and more! Get the info you need for your homework and have fun while you're at it!

BBC Schools: Ancient Greeks
Illustrated accounts of the original Olympic Games, the life of Greek kids, and Greeks at war. There are pictures and quizzes in each section, and a game where you are a Greek hero traveling the country!

Ancient Greece
Explore all the different areas of Ancient Greece! Compare Ancient Greek columns in the art & architecture section, read up on famous Greeks, take a closer look at the different time periods, get a 360-degree view of Greek sculptures, and more!

Kidipede: Ancient Greece for Kids
What was Ancient Greek science and literature like? Was the environment or the economy good? What did Ancient Greeks think about their food? Get answers at this site!

Odyssey Online
This interactive, animated site lets you explore different facets of Ancient Greece, including death & burial rituals, animals real & imagined, clothing & jewelry, gods & goddesses, Greek democracy, architecture, geography, wars, and plays. When you're done with that, check out the "American cities/Greek names" section and try to count how many cities are named after Athens!


Greek Tales Terry Deary's Greek Tales

4 novels, all set in Ancient Greece: during the Trojan War, preparing for the Olympics, joining the Spartan army, and at the start of the Roman siege of Syracuse.

Hour of the Olympics Hour of the Olympics

Their magic tree house takes Annie and Jack back to Ancient Greece where they see the original Olympic games and learn about what girls of that time were not allowed to do.

Greek Ransom Greek Ransom

Two school kids become involved with a psychotic millionaire in the hunt for buried treasure from Ancient Greece.

The Odyssey The Odyssey

Odysseus must overcome a series of challenges posed by the gods in order to return home to his wife and son in Ithaca after the Trojan war.

Roman Diary Roman Diary

In AD 102, an educated Greek girl named Iliona loses her family and is sold as a slave to Rome.