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BC History

Learn More About BC History

Far West Far West: The Story of British Columbia
by Daniel Francis

Read the story of how BC came to be! This book is full of illustrations, quotes from famous British Columbians, and information about important people and events from BC's history.

The Best Place on Earth British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth
by Heather C. Hudak

Learn about modern British Columbia as well as early life and exploration in the province. Includes chapters on explorers and early settlers, as well as information about barkerville, the railway, and the gold rush.

British Columbia Canada's Sites & Symbols: British Columbia
by Jill Foran

Did you know BC used to be called "New Caledonia"? Discover who decided on "British Columbia" instead! In this book you can also learn about important places and symbols in BC, including the flag, the coat of arms, and the official mace.

British Columbia Canada's Land & People: British Columbia
by Jill Foran

Explore the land, animals, and resources of British Columbia. Most of the information in this book is about the province today, but it includes a chapter on how the history of BC shaped the province into what it is today.

Explorers of the Pacific Northwest Explorers of the Pacific Northwest
by Betty Sherwood & Janet Snider

Read about James Cook, George Vancouver, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Lewis and Clark, Simon Fraser, and more in this comprehensive book of west coast explorers.

Simon Fraser Simon Fraser
by Galadriel Watson

Read all about Simon Fraser's life and his exploration of BC. Get historical information and look at maps and photos, too. Includes lots of fun facts about Simon Fraser and his travels.

George Vancouver George Vancouver
by Erinn Banting

An in-depth look at the life and accomplishments of Captain George Vancouver. See photos, examine maps, get historical information, and read fun facts about his adventures.

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Sir Alexander Mackenzie
by Annalise Bekkering

Take a look at the life of Sir Alexander Mackenzie. Includes historical information about his expeditions, as well as maps and photos. This book also includes fascinating facts about his life and adventures.

Canadian Expansion From the Atlantic to the Pacific: Canadian Expansion, 1867-1909
by Sheila Nelson

Read about how Canada transformed from 4 small united provinces on a great mass of land to one large country. Includes chapters on the CPR, gold rushes, and immigration to the western provinces.

Canada Moves West Canada Moves West: An Omnibus
by Pierre Berton

A collection of 5 non-fiction novels, describing how, back in the days of the pioneers, the Canadian west was won, with blood, sweat, tears, and sheer determination.

Confederation and the West Confederation and the West
by Douglas Baldwin

Discover Canada before confederation, find the reasons why some provinces would want to become part of Canada, and the reasons some did not. Includes three chapters on BC and the Pacific coast.

North West Company North West Company
by Jennifer Nault

A look at the North West Company, the Hudson Bay Company's fur trading rival in the western provinces. Includes information on trading posts, First Nations relationships, and important European pioneers.

Kids Book of Canada's Railway The Kids Book of Canada's Railway
by Deborah Hodge & John Mantha

Learn about the Canadian Pacific Railway: how it was built, who built it, how long it took to finish, and what it meant for the unity of Canada. This is also a look at the freight trains, school trains, troop trains and passenger trains that helped shape a country, the people who worked and rode on them and what our railway system looks like today.

Pay Dirt! Pay Dirt! The Search for Gold in British Columbia
by Laura Langston & Stuart Duncan

Read about the people who came to BC looking for gold. Some traveled from Britain, some came from the United States, and some came with camels into the bitter winter cold, all on a quest for riches! Get their stories here!

Gold Rush The Dreadful Truth: Gold Rush
by Ted Staunton & Remie Geoffroi

Gold isn't perfect. It can drive people to extremes, and it sometimes isn't even real! Learn about gold rush hijinks that happened all over Canada. Get quirky facts about the different ways to find gold, and the different things you can do with it!

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B.C. Facts
Do you know what the provincial flower of BC is? How about our official motto? Need a list of all of the people who have served as BC's premier? Check out this government site to find out everything you need to know about this province!

BC Archives Time Machine
Travel back in time to learn about BC history. Explore early BC communities, read about the Cariboo gold rush (with old photos), read about and see pictures of historical BC organizations and schools, learn about the different groups of people that settled in BC long ago.

Read all about how Canada became a country, including all of the dates each province joined. Read about British Columbia and find out who was important to the cause, why people wanted BC to join the country, and compare a map of Canada before and after BC joined.

Barkerville Kid Zone
Learn more about Billy Barker, or Judge Begbie at this site. Or, print out a miner's wordsearch or colouring book to add some fun to your homework!

BC Geographical Names
Doing a project on a specific city? Just search for it here and find out where it is on a map, what cities are close by, and what the city's history is. Learn about the history of Barkerville, Victoria, Richmond, and more!


The West is Calling The West is Calling

Haikus and illustrations about BC history, from before European contact to modern day.

S is for Spirit Bear S is for Spirit Bear

An A-Z picture book of British Columbian history, geography, celebrity, and symbolism.

A Whale Tale A Whale Tale

An enchanted Canadian Flyer sled takes Emily and Matt to the northwest in the late 18th century. There, they meet a Nuu-chah-nulth clan and get up close and personal with whales!

Emily Our Canadian Girl: Emily

Emily lives with her family in Victoria in 1896. She befriends a Chinese immigrant who serves her family, and she travels on a streetcar headed for disaster.

Graveyard of the Sea Graveyard of the Sea

In 1906, a girl named Nell learns Morse code so she can operate a telegraph, which may help her save ships that get into trouble off the coast of BC.

An Ocean Apart The Gold Mountain Diary of Chin Mei-ling

A girl named Mei-Ling writes in her diary about her experiences in Vancouver's Chinatown in 1922.

White Jade Tiger White Jade Tiger

On a field trip to Chinatown, Jasmine is mistaken for a Chinese boy, and is soon caught up in a race through the Fraser Canyon to find a tiger amulet.

Chasing the Moon Chasing the Moon

In 1924, Kit is sent to Vancouver Island to live with her dad. When he comes home with bullet wounds on night, Kit becomes suspicious of his trips to America.

Ellen Our Canadian Girl: Ellen

In 1939 Vancouver, Ellen's dad has lost his job, making life harder for Ellen. She soon realizes how lucky she is when she befriends a hobo.

When the Cherry Blossoms Fell When the Cherry Blossoms Fell

In 1942, unaware of Canada's anti-Japanese laws, Michiko struggles to understand why her father went away and why she must go to the BC interior.