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Canadian Provinces & Territories

Learn More About Canada

Canada's Land & People Canada's Land & People (series)

Each book explores the natural and cultural features that make a particular province or territory unique, including the environment, history, industry, tourist attractions, arts, sports, and cultures of the region. Pictures and maps are included.

Sites & Symbols Canadian Sites & Symbols (series)

Find out the origin of each province’s or territory’s name, its flag, coat-of-arms, mace, provincial flower, bird and animal. Get the scoop on some of the interesting natural and man-made attractions of the area, too!

Eye on Canada Eye on Canada (series)

Each book in this series gives you a general overview of the province or territory, and explains its natural resources, industry, politics, history and cultural activities. Maps and statistics are also included in each volume.

Canada Close Up Canada Close Up (series)

This series explains the geography, history, economy and contemporary life of each province or territory. Lots of quick facts and pictures throughout the book to help you spruce up your homework!

Provinces & Territories of Canada Provinces & Territories of Canada (series)

Learn about the environment, history, industry, tourist attractions, arts, sports, and cultural groups that make each province and territory unique. Each book includes pictures that help you imagine life in all the different provinces and territories of Canada.

Hello Canada Hello Canada (series)

An informative and entertaining introduction to the people, culture, geography, history, and economy of each province and territory. Information is mixed with beautiful colour photography, taking you on a fascinating tour of each province or territory.

Canadian Geographic Regions Canadian Geographic Regions (series)

Get information about the land, wildlife, climate, and people of Canada's geographic regions, including the Great Lakes, the Canadian Shield, the Appalachian, and the plains. Each volume includes maps, charts, quick facts, colour photos, and a satellite image of the region.

Canadian Cities Canadian Cities (series)

Every city has an exciting past and intriguing present waiting to be explored. Canadian Cities takes young readers on a tour of the nation’s capitals and major cities, exploring topics such as the people, how to get there, and what the climate is like.

Symbols of Canada Symbols of Canada (series)

What do official symbols reveal about each of Canada’s provinces and territories? This series provides fascinating facts about the incredible symbols of each province and territory. Every book in the series builds an understanding of each province through the history of their official flower, tree, animal, coat of arms, capital, and flag.

The Land Canada: The Land
by Bobbie Kalman

Describes the geography, natural resources, trade and industry, cities, people, transportation, agriculture, and environment of the provinces of Canada.

Wow! Canada Wow! Canada: Exploring This Land from Coast to Coast to Coast
by Vivan Bowers

Join a boy named Guy in a car trip across Canada, where he encounters famous Canadian sites and learns about the culture, history, and natural wonders of each province. This book is done in the style of a scrapbook, with wacky postcards, Guy's cartoons, and incredible photographs that show you what a trip across the provinces would really be like.

The Kids Book of Canadian Geography The Kids Book of Canadian Geography
by Briony Penn

This book shows how Canada's landscape, life forms, ecosystems and climate don't have to be studied in books to be understood! Learn how to decode the environment around you and understand how it got to be the way it is. This book has a lot of information you can use for your Canadian geography homework.

Geography of Canada Geography of Canada (DVD)
by Schlessinger Media

Follow a group of Canadian students as they examine the regions of Canada to find how land formation, climate, river systems and natural resources have affected the growth of this nation. Explore cities and the wilderness in different provinces and territories and learn what each region contributes to Canadian life and identity.

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The Canadian Encyclopedia
Everything you need to know about the provinces and territories can be found here, complete with pictures and maps. Find out the population, natural resources, climate, religions, economy, politics, and history of each province or territory. Each entry includes links to other great websites on your topic.

Atlas of Canada
Find a map of the province or territory you are studying. Each map is marked with boundaries, the capital city, other populated city centres, and some roads.

Provincial and Territorial Symbols
Click on a province or territory to see the official flag, flower, and coat of arms. Find out when each symbol started to be used, and what other objects or colours are associated with the province or territory.

Read all about how Canada became a country, including all of the dates each province joined. Read about each province and find out who was important to the cause, why people wanted to join the country, and compare a map of Canada before and after they joined.

Origins of Canada's Geographical Names
Need information about different cities in a province or territory? Read about the history of important cities and how they got their name. Find out how the province or territory got its name too!


Alphabets Canadian Alphabets

Picture books that show you the A to Z of many Canadian provinces, including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Fishing with Gubby Fishing with Gubby

Gubby is a salmon fisherman who lives with his wife Millie and cat Puss in a small seaside village on the west coast of BC during the "golden age" of fishing.

Keeley Keeley: the Girl from Turtle Mountain

In 1901, Keeley and her dad move to Frank, Alberta (then the NWT), to make a future in mining. They then experience the worst landslide in North America.

The Crazy Man The Crazy Man

In 1965 in Saskatchewan, 12-year-old Emaline must deal with her grief over losing her dad, her dog, and her leg. She finds a friend in a mental patient who works on her farm.

Flora Rutherford Days of Toil and Tears

The fictitious journal of Flora Rutherford, a child labourer in Almonte, Ontario, in 1887.

Elijah of Buxton Elijah of Buxton

Buxton, Ontario, is a haven for slaves fleeing the American south. In 1859, an 11-year-old who was the first free-born child in Buxton fights for justice.

Thunder from the Sea Thunder from the Sea

Just when his dreams of being part of a family and having a dog seem to be coming true, Tom wonders if everything is about to change. Set in Newfoundland in 1929.

Pit Pony Pit Pony

11-year-old Willie must work in the coal mines of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, hardly ever seeing the light of day. A pit pony helps him discover that things aren't always as bad as they seem.

Anne of Green Gables Anne of Green Gables

In PEI, the Cuthberts are expecting an orphan boy to help with the work at Green Gables, but a skinny red-haired girl named Anne turns up instead.

White Fang White Fang

In late 1800s Yukon, a wolfdog named White Fang soon learns the harsh laws of nature, yet buried deep inside him are distant memories of affection and love.