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Learn More About The Environment

Environment Action Environment Action (series)
by Kay Barnham

This series has books about recycling, saving energy, saving water, and protecting nature. Each of the books defines useful environmental words, describes some of the environmental problems, and suggests actions you can take to preserve the environment.

Green Team Green Team (series)
by Sally Hewitt

Read about the environmental issues you can do something about. Reduce, reuse, and think about the resources you use up in your local environment. This series has a book about each of the actions people can take to change their world.

Language Arts Explorer Language Arts Explorer (series)

This series has books about the three R's, as well as composting, local farming, sustainable foods, alternative energies, and protecting natural resources.

Green Matters Green Matters (series)

This series has books about fair trade, biodegradability, and renewable and non-renewable resources. Each book explains why the topic matters to the environment, and what you can do to help.

Energy Revolution Energy Revolution (series)

Includes books on each different type of energy, as well as a whole volume about building a green community and one about reducing your carbon footprint.

Being Green Being Green (series)

This series has books about traveling, eating, and building green, as well as a whole volume on green ideas. Each book explores 10 ideas for making more sustainable choices in a specific field, with weblinks--videos, pictures, activities, and slide shows that you can check out online as you go through the book.

Global Issues Global Issues (series)
by Cheryl Jakab

This series has three environmental books, each covering their own topic. Learn about renewable energy, sustainable cities, and ecological footprints. Each book explores five issues relating to the featured topic. Each issue outlines the problem and offers solutions for a sustainable future.

Earth Watch Earth Watch (series)
by Sally Morgan

This series tackles many environmental issues, from acid rain to the hole in the ozone, and everything in between!

Voices For Green Choices Voices For Green Choices (series)

This biography series introduces you to Victor Wouk, inventor of the hybrid car; David Suzuki, Canadian environmental activist; and Rachel Carson, the ecologist who showed us the dangers of chemical pollutants.

A Child's Introduction to the Environment A Child's Introduction to the Environment
by Michael Driscoll & Dennis Driscoll

Explore the water, land, and air around us. Read about the atmosphere, weather, energy sources, plants, and animals of each environmental region of the world--deserts, forests, cities, farms, ice caps, and oceans. This book even has suggestions for projects you can do or experiments for science fairs.

Go Green! Lead the Way Go Green! Lead the Way
by Catherine Chambers

Help save the planet by going green! From disappearing animals to drastic droughts, the planet is in trouble and you can do something to help. Learn about conserving water, saving forests, and fighting car fumes.

Not Your Typical Book About the Environment Not Your Typical Book About the Environment
by Elin Kelsey

This book focuses on solutions to environmental problems. It includes sections on smart technologies, innovative ideas, and environmental movements. Learn about all the people committed to saving the environment, and find a thing or two you can do to help!

Eco-Family's Guide to Living Green The Eco-Family's Guide to Living Green
by J. Angelique Johnson

Are you part of an eco-family? Check out each room of a house for what to do and what to change. From light bulbs to showerheads, learn green tips to get your family on the eco-friendly track.

True Green Kids True Green Kids
by Kim Mckay, Jenny Bonnin, & David de Rothschild

Get some fun ideas about how you can help the environment. This book has lots of cool suggestions for things you could do anywhere--from your living room to your local park!

Climate Change Ask an Expert: Climate Change
by Richard Spilsbury

Discusses how and why the Earth's climate changes, describing the temperate climates and ice ages of the past, and the causes and effects of the changes that are occurring today.

Global Warming Global Warming
by Seymour Simon

An introduction to global warming, with full-colour photographs. This book has information on rising sea levels, ocean temperatures, and greenhouse gases, and explores the resulting problems of animal survival. Also includes standard solutions for both governments and families.

Pollution Solutions Bill Nye the Science Guy: Pollution Solutions

Bill Nye the science guy explores pollution in our environment and gives tips of how we can better use and protect our environment and its resources.

Study Online

eLibrary Canada
Find answers online at eLibrary Canada. Click on Bookcarts then click on "Environment" to get a collection of articles, photos, and maps you can use for your homework.

You will have to sign in with your library card if you are using eLibrary at home.


Play games and do eco-friendly activities on this site, or get some homework help about biodiversity, wildlife, land use, Earth Day, and more.

Environment Canada: Water
All the information you need about the world's water supply! Includes graphs, charts, and other pictures to help you understand all the facts.

EPA Climate Change Kids Site
This site comes from the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA, and it has lots of facts about climate systems, the greenhouse effect, and things we can all do to help out the earth. Includes games and a calculator that tells you how big a difference you can make!

Ollie's World
This site has information about the 4 R's: reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink. There are information pages and games about using the 4 R's to manage waste, water, energy, air, and biodiversity.

EPA WaterSense Kids
This site looks at the different ways you can save water, and why water should be saved in the first place. It also includes a fun game where you have to answer water saving trivia or get eaten by water-wasting monsters! Test your water-saving skills with a quiz.

Lose Your Excuse!
Explore all the different situations where people use excuses for not being more sustainable. Find a way to make them lose their excuse! Or, play a different kind of game where you try to rescue Energy from the pesky Excuses.

World Wildlife Federation: Biodiversity 911
Learn the basics about biodiversity, then delve into all of the things that affect it, like wildlife trade, soil, forests, fisheries, toxics, and climate change. Some sections even have games, like stopping illegal wildlife smugglers!

Biological Diversity for Kids
Learn about biodiversity in depth, or check out a glossary of biodiversity terms. You can also read index cards of different animal profiles, or play biodiversity games!

Environment Canada: Species at Risk
Learn about the species at risk and their habitats in Canada. Take a quiz, or find out how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help!


Flush Flush

Noah and Abbey must prove that the owner of the river boat their dad sank is emptying waste into the protected waters around their home.

My Life in Pink and Green My Life in Pink and Green

When the family's drugstore is failing, 7th-grader Lucy tries to come up with a solution that might help the business and the environment.

Operation Redwood Operation Redwood

In northern California, Julian Carter-Li and his friends fight to save a grove of redwoods from an investment company that plans to cut them down.

Mr Granite is From Another Planet Mr Granite is From Another Planet

New 3rd grade teacher Mr. Granite has so many strange ideas about how to make the school eco-friendly that the students are sure he must be an alien.

Shadows in the Water Shadows in the Water

Both sets of Starbuck twins can teleflash--they can communicate with their minds! When they teleflash with dolphins, they learn that someone is polluting the water.

Earth Day Escapade Eco Mystery Trilogy

Nancy Drew's teen vacation at an eco-resort in Costa Rica turns into one of the biggest cases of her life.

Earth Day Escapade Earth Day Escapade

Nancy Drew and her class make a float for the Earth Day parade. When someone sabotages the float, the Clue Crew tries to find out who did it.

Just Grace Goes Green Just Grace Goes Green

Grace can do a lot of things... but can she save the planet? Or at the very least, can she help her best friend Mimi get her favorite stuffed animal back?

Mama Miti Mama Miti

The story of Wangari Maathai, who started the Green Belt Movement in Africa by planting trees in Kenya.

Magic School Bus Magic School Bus & the Climate Challenge

Ms. Frizzle takes her class on a magical tour to better understand climate change.

Bag in the Wind Bag in the Wind

A picture book that follows the path of an empty plastic bag that has blown out of a landfill and around a small town.

We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers

After Charlie convinces Lola to recycle her old toys instead of throwing them away, Lola gets her class to help her out in a recycling competition. A picture book.

Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint

A picture book about a young girl learning that her footprint is more than the mark she leaves in the sand.