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Richmond Public Library Richmond Public Library
2008 Annual Report to the Community
Lyn Greenhill: Library Board Chair

Lyn Greenhill
Library Board Chair

"My message is simple this year:
The Library offers the best value
in tough economic times."

No other public institution offers so much for free at a time when everyone is looking for extra value. The good news is that people have a place to turn to for help when budgets are tight, and that place is Richmond Public Library.

The Library is an excellent alternative to costly information, high priced movies and expensive courses. Visit us and you’ll see the wealth of services we offer. Whether you’re an information seeker, a job hunter, someone wanting to learn how to make budget meals, or a do-it-yourself type needing to fix your deck, the library has it all.

You can enjoy practical programs, borrow books, movies, CDs and magazines, and use the Internet and computers all for free. With in-person, telephone and online reference service, people can stretch their budgets as well as their minds seven days a week at Richmond Public Library.

Included in our resources are collections purchased with funds donated by the Friends of the Library. We thank them for their ongoing support in providing special extra, but necessary, items for children and adult learners. Enjoy!

Tips to Get the Most
Out of Your Library

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