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Kids' Book Reviews

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Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel

reviewed by Antonio, age 12

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This book is about a newborn bat, who is taken apart from his colony while trying to find a new home. Shade meets another bat named Marina and, together, they set on a remarkable journey to find Shade's colony, facing many dangers of the outside world. I like this book because the number of dangers the 2 bats (Shade and Marina) come across is outstanding. Shade is a symbol of courage as he fights his greatest fears and dangers that he couldn't have even imagined, such as bat-killing owls and even bat-eating bats. Shade definitely has great hope that he will get back to his family in the South.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes: What Goes Up Must Come Down by Anne Mazer

reviewed by Angela, age 10

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This book is about a girl named Abby Hayes and her family going on a vacation to Paris, France. She gets to tour the city alone with her sisters, but when her two sisters go up and explore the Eiffel Tower, Abby loses her sisters and her cell phone, but in the end, a girl named Clara helps her and finds her family. I like this book because I really want to visit Paris, but after reading this book, it seems as if I actually was traveling with Abby and her family. We visited the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, La Meauffe, the Île de la Cité, the Île St. Louis, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It seems all very fun! If you'd like to visit Paris, I suggest you read this book.

Soccer: The Ultimate Guide

Soccer: The Ultimate Guide by Martin Cloake et al.

reviewed by Jonathan, age 8

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This book is about the amazing world of soccer, the proper equipment you wear, and also the teams of Europe, South America, and North America. And finally the greatest players of all time. I like this book because it has lots of fascinating photos of players dribbling, passing, shooting, and kicking the ball. I also like this book because it was so detailed with bits of facts everywhere on every single page!


Volcanoes by Anna Claybourne

reviewed by Melchard, age 11

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This book is about myths and legends and also famous volcanoes and eruptions from the past. I ilke this book because it also has the latest facts and statistics and tells what year it started and other disasters that happened during the eruptions.


Rules by Cynthia Lord

reviewed by Nancy, age 11

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This book is about a girl named Catherine who has a brother, David. David has autism. So Catherine has to teach him rules. One day while David was at OT, she saw a boy in a wheelchair who couldn't talk called Jason. She also meets a next door neighbour, Kristi. They both, Jason and Kristi, changed Catherine's life. I like this book because it teaches people life lessons. It teaches how people with autism and people in wheelchairs who couldn't talk live. Catherine never gave up on David and Jason.


Eleven by Lauren Myracle

reviewed by Jadine, age 9

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This book is about an eleven year old girl named Winnie who learns that changes have to happen all the time. I like this book because when Amanda, Winnie's best friend, drops Winnie for another girl, Winnie's least favourite friend Dinah becomes her friend. I learned form this book that gains and losses happen a lot and that you can never expect things to stay the same for a long time, because changes are always happening.

Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Novel by Dav Pilkey

reviewed by Kevin, age 10

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This book is about two kids named George and Harold, also a principal that is called Mr. Krupp, a person that turns into Captain Underpants because George and Harold used a hypno ring to turn him into Captain Underpants. I like this book because it has action and a variety of characters. It even makes me laugh all the time. That's why I really enjoy this kind of book. That's why people that see this book read it or buy it because it's funny. This book is for boys and girls. Thank you for listening.

Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy

Rainbow Magic: Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy by Daisy Meadows

reviewed by Crystal, age 11

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This book is about two girls who have some special friends. They are fairies and the two girls helped fairy land. This time Jack Frost steals 3 magic shells from the beaches. The two girls help the fairy to get it back. I like this book because I like to read books that are about the friends working together and I also like to read chapter books and story books. I was really surprised when I read the second part and third part because the animals can talk and they helped the fairy to get the shells back.

The Giver

The Giver by Lois Lowry

reviewed by Jasmeen, age 12

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This book is about a boy named Jonas who has a father, mother and sister named Lily. In Jonas's community everyone is the same, except for Jonas. Jonas has pale eyes, that's why he is different. Now because of his pale eyes, Jonas gets a job as a receiver of memory, but will that job be too hard for him? You will have to read to find out. I like this book because Lois Lowry has used many descriptive words, so it allows you to create a vivid picture in your mind. This book is also my favourite because it is unique. I have not read many books in which the community the character lives in is unusual. From strange laws to strange rules, this utopia is by far the most amazing utopia in a book. Also the book ends with an ending that you decide, so you decide if Jonas has a good or bad life after.

Carnival at Candlelight

Magic Tree House: Carnival at Candlelight by MAry Pope Osborne

reviewed by Katie, age 8

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This book is about two children named Jack and Annie who go in a magic tree house that takes them to different centuries and places to go on missions to save people or the place. This mission they have to save Venus from being flooded. Will they succeed? Yes! Find out how by reading the book. I like this book because it is very imaginative and it has an exciting ending. And this book is for anyone. My brother likes it, my dad likes it and I like it. The Magic Tree House series is good for end of the year grade ones to read with an adult. This book is just awesome. There's some pictures. The author is an amazing writer. And I thank her for making these books.

Head, Body, Legs

Head, Body, Legs: A Story from Liberia by Won-Ldy Paye & Margaret H. Lippert

reviewed by Jaia, age 6

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This book is about how head, body, legs and arms connected together to get mangoes from a big big big big tree. The head ate the mangoes at the end of the story. I like this book because the head figures out that it needs arms, body and legs to get the mangoes! Also I thought it was funny when the body parts were in the wrong place.

Dr Carbles is Losing His Marbles

My Weird School: Dr Carbles is Losing His Marbles by Dan Gutman

reviewed by Chelsea, age 10

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This book is about a principal who gets fired. His name was Mr. Klutz. He got fired by the president of the Board of Education. There was a boy named A.J.. A.J. and his friends are trying to save Mr. Klutz's principal job. I like this book because it's funny, it's a little bit sad because Mr. Klutz was a fun principal and he's really nice. It's funny because Mr. Klutz was going to marry a turkey but he didn't because the turkey ran away. So he ate him instead. Then he married a pig. It's kinda disgusting because Mr. Klutz's hair started growing form his ears and nose. It was disgusting.

The Case of the Race Against Time

A Jigsaw Jones Mystery: The Case of the Race Against Time by James Preller

reviewed by Vincent, age 9

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This book is about Jigsaw Jones losing his pocket watch that was his grandfather's. Everyone tried to find it, but no one did. Mila and Reggie found out that Freddy stole Jigsaw's backpack. I like this book because it is a real, interesting, and fun-filled book. It is funny when his dad gave the pocket watch and Jigsaw said, "When Dad says that is a short talk, it is a long talk." Have fun reading it!

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