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Great Books on the Game

The Soccer Book The Soccer Book: The Sport, the Teams, the Tactics, the Cups
by David Goldblatt

A one-stop look at the most popular sport in the world from the rules, field of play, tactics, skills and players to the clothing and equipment. Includes a detailed history of the World Cup and continental competitions worldwide. With over 1200 illustrations.

World Cup World Cup of Soccer: The Complete Guide
by Chris Hunt

Learn all about the World Cup - the history, the rules, the equipment and FIFA before the games begin in June.

See also: World Cup by David Whitfield

Eyewitness Soccer Eyewitness Soccer
by Hugh Hornby

Examines all aspects of the game of soccer: its history, rules, techniques, tactics, equipment, playing fields, competitive play, and more.

How Soccer Works How Soccer Works
by Keltie Thomas

Learn how size, material, air pressure, and number of panels affect the ball's behaviour. Discover the science behind all the moves: making stellar passes, curving kicks and delivering perfect headers every time. Learn about international competition and fans of the sports around the world.

Soccer Soccer: The Ultimate Guide to the Beautiful Game
by Clive Gifford

Presents the game of soccer, including its basic rules, structure, playing positions, needed skills, and great players.

Kick It Soccer Kick It Soccer
by Bobbie Kalman

A simple introduction to the basic moves and positions in soccer.

Never play soccer before? Learn the basics, techniques, rules and more from How Stuff Works website. Watch the video.

Brush Up On Your Soccer Skills

Talking About Soccer series Talking About Soccer series
by Clive Gifford

Find out about the different positions played on the field and how each player contributes to the success of the team. Each title features inspirational quotes from famous players, "Skills tips," and "Hall of Fame" panels.

Series' titles: Striker, Defender, and Goalkeeper.

David Beckham's soccer skills David Beckham's Soccer Skills
by Catherine Saunders

One of the current soccer superstars shares his knowledge, tips and secrets about the game.

Know the Game series Know the Game series
by Paul Fairclough

Presents various kinds of soccer attacks, such as dribbling, passing, and several different kicking techniques.
Series' titles: Defending and Attacking.

Play Soccer Play Soccer
by Catherine Saunders

Step-by-step photographs and helpful text introduce the game of soccer, including expert coaching tips, from basic techniques to advanced game skills and tactics.

How To Improve At Soccer How to Improve at Soccer
by Jim Drewett

For young athletes who want to learn how to improve their soccer skills and become an advanced player, this exciting guide take readers through step-by-step drills on dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, playing goal, and more.

Training Soccer Training Soccer
by Berndt Barth

A training companion and workbook in one, Billy the Magic Mouse guides readers through each chapter, offering a wide variety of tips, including physical condition, mental preparedness, speed, maneuverability, and proven soccer techniques and tactics.

See also: Learning Soccer in the same series.

World Cup 2014

June 13 - July 13
in Brazil

FIFA official website
Follow all the action leading up to 2014.

Official World Cup Mascots
Did you know that each FIFA World Cup since 1966 has had its own mascot? View past mascots and stay tuned to find out what will be the mascot for 2014--some people think it may be a South American animal like the macaw or the puma.

Facts about the 2014 Host Country: Brazil
Brazil covers nearly half of South America and is the continent's largest nation. Find out more about Brazil.

Borrow books about Brazil

Who is This Guy?

Pele Click here to find out...
or borrow a book about this legendary soccer player

Online Soccer Games

» MiniClip: World Cup Glory

» Kaboose: Soccer Mania

» CBC: Soccer Shootout

» Borrow 2010 FIFA World Cup video game from our DVD dispenser (You will be directed to the dispenser login page)

Story Books

Sergio Saves the Game Sergio Saves the Game
Sergio dreams of becoming a soccer superstar, but he can't even kick the ball right. Can hard work help him?

Soccer Crazy Soccer Crazy
Bruno is only a substitute player, but on the day of the biggest game he is suddenly called in to a tie game with only a minute to go!

Francesca the Football Fairy Francesca the Football Fairy
Everyone in Fairyland is preparing for the Fairy Olympics, but Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen the magic sporty items so they can win by cheating!

Zombies Don't Play Soccer Zombies Don't Play Soccer
The Bailey School Kids investigate a new soccer coach. Will her hard-driving practice sessions turn them into winners or zombies?

Goof-off Goalie Goof-off Goalie
Ten-year-old Goose is best at goofing off. Can his friend Henry help Goose improve his skills and become a great goalie for his soccer team?

Kick Off Kick Off
Tyra hopes to fit in her new school by playing soccer for the school team, but the girls' team is terrible, and the coach is only interested in the boys' team. What can she do?

Horrid Henry and the soccer fiend Horrid Henry and the Soccer Fiend
Moody Margaret thinks she is a better soccer player than Horrid Henry, and Henry is going to prove her wrong.

Whistle series Whistle series
Sho didn't make the school's soccer team because he is too short, but he is determined and works twice as hard to make his dream come true.

The Secret of Grim Hill The Secret of Grim Hill
Cat Peters tries to find out how and why the entire soccer team of Grimoire, the private school up the hill, disappeared years ago.

The Million Dollar Kick The Million Dollar Kick
Thirteen-year-old Whisper, who hates sports, is torn when she gets a chance to win a million dollars by kicking a goal against a local soccer hero.