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Easy Chapter Books

BAD KITTY series
by Nick Bruel

A funny series featuring a grumpy kitty who doesn't like taking baths, being babysat, and not even birthday parties.

» Visit the website
» Before Bad Kitty became a chapter book, he's in two picture books: Bad Kitty & Poor Puppy

by Mike Thaler

What do you get when you put a bunch of kids with too much imagination and a mean teacher Mrs. Green together? A crazy chapter book series with lots of laughs.

» Check out an animated version of The Teacher from Black Lagoon

Mr. Gum series
by Andy Stanton

Mr. Gum is not a very nice guy, but don't worry, a little girl named Polly and Friday O'Leary are always there to foil his plan.

» Visit the Website for games and other downloads. The Ask Andy section is particularly funny!

The Cat on the Mat is Flat
by Andy Griffiths

Nine super silly easy-to-read rhyming stories, perfect for beginning readers.

» Borrow the sequel, The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow!
» Any Griffiths is also the author of the hilarious Just series and the Schooling Around series.
» Visit the author's website.

Ivy and Bean series
by Annie Barrows

Bean thinks her new neighbour Ivy is a goodie two-shoes, but Ivy comes to her rescue when Bean plays a trick on her sister and needs to find a good place to hide. Maybe Ivy isn't that bad afterall...

» Visit the Website
» Check out The Magic Half by the same author

Just Grace series
by Charise Mericle Harper

Featuring some of the cutest cartoons, Just Grace is an energetic little girl with a big imagination who stands out even if there're already three other Graces in her class.

» Visit the Website. Take the superpower quiz, or learn how to make a zine.
» Charise Mericle Harper is also the author of the Fashion Kitty comics

Disney Fairies series
by various authors

Join Tinker Bell and her friends in their adventures in Pixie Hollow.

» Visit the Website
» Guide book to the Pixie Hollow world
» Learn how to draw the fairies

Sports Illustrated Kids series
by various authors

Victory School has some amazing athletic talents. Coloured illustrations throughout the book add to the fun.

» Don't forget to check out some sports books to go along with this series.

The Whipping Boy
by Sid Fleischman

A bratty prince and his whipping boy have many adventures when they trade places.

The Chocolate Touch
by Patrick Skene Catling

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? John is about to find out.

» Hungry for more? Check out Sweet! The Delicious Story of Candy.

Say What
by Margaret Peterson Haddix

When Sukie spilled juice on the carpet, her parents told her to stop picking her nose. Say What? Have their parents been kidnapped by aliens? Is that why they are not making any sense at all?

Lady Lollipop
by Dick King-Smith

Can Lollipop, the smartest pig in the whole kingdom, and her pig trainer Johnny Skinner change the spoiled Princess Penelope?