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If You Like Percy Jackson...

If you like non-stop action with lots of funny moments...

The Hero's Guide to Saving the Kingdom
by Christopher Healy

Liam, Gustav, Frederic, and Duncan are the Prince Charmings who rescued all those fairytale princesses, got dumped, then went on to battle beet-eating trolls, 10-year-old bandit kings and extremely moody bounty hunters. Follow the misguided adventures of the most famous heroes you've never heard about as they fight to save the kingdom from a terrible massacre-ever-after!

The Resisters Series
by Eric Nylund

What would you do if you found out that everyone past puberty is being controlled by a race of alien insects? Would you:
A) Pretend everything is normal.
B) Hide under the covers with the biggest can of bug spray you can find.
C) Join the fight to free humanity?
If you answered C, then the Resisters wants you! Ethan Blackwood's just found out the horrifying truth about Planet Earth, and the race is on to save his parents and destroy the alien mother ship before it's too late.
Book 1: The Resisters
Book 2: Sterling Squadron

How to Train Your Dragon Series
by Cressida Cowell

Before Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was a famous Viking, he was, well, a bit of a chicken. Okay, a big chicken. A big huge enormous chicken. In fact, the other Vikings of the Hairy Hooligan tribe thought Hiccup was pretty much useless. Nobody ever expected him to survive his Viking initiation test, let alone become the legendary Dragon Whisperer... Find out what it takes for one brainy teen to become a hero the hard way!
Book 1: How to Train Your Dragon
Book 2: How to Be A Pirate
Book 3: How to Speak Dragonese
Book 4: How to Cheat A Dragon's Curse
Book 5: A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
Book 6: How to Ride A Dragon's Storm
Book 7: How to Break A Dragon's Heart
Book 8: How to Steal A Dragon's Sword
Book 9: How to Seize A Dragon's Jewel

Fox & Phoenix
by Beth Bernobich

Kai Zou used to be Prince of the Streets. Now he's stuck in a boring job, and his best friend Yun doesn't have time for him anymore. One day, a ghost dragon appears bearing terrible news, hurtling Kai and Yun once again into the world of spirits and magic to battle supernatural foes and maybe, just maybe find out they were meant to be more than friends. That is, if Kai can ever ditch his wisecracking spirit-pig sidekick.
Online Prologue: Pig, Crane, Fox
Book 1: Fox and Phoenix

If you like regular kids discovering secret powers and hidden worlds...

Shadow Spell
by Caro King

Arafin Strood of the Terrible House of Strood was not a very nice man. Obsessed with gathering an army of monsters and collecting barrels of blood for his dreadful distillation machine, Strood means to spell the doom of the magical world of Drift. Only the powerful sorceror Simeon Dark could've stood up to Arafin, but Simeon's gone missing. Can Nin Redstone and her friends find him in time?
Book 1: Shadow Spell

by Tyler Whitesides

When Spencer starts telling everyone about how he's seeing strange creepy crawly things lurking around the halls and classrooms, everyone starts to think he's crazy. But Spencer knows the janitors can see them too, and with the help of his friend Daisy, Spencer begins to uncover the truth: a secret war is being waged behind the scenes of Welcher Elementary, and it's up to Spencer and Daisy to protect the school and possibly the world.

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate
by Adrienne Kress

Things get pretty weird for Timothy when he finds out Mr. Shen is a dragon in human form. Suddenly Timothy is on a mission to get Mr. Shen back to China -- and stay alive. Mysterious black cabs are trying to run him over, ninjas and violent monks are following him -- and Timothy isn't even sure if he really cares about the dragon at all.

If you like books with connections to mythology...

Takeshita Demons Series
by Cristy Burne

Miku Takeshita has just moved to a new life in England. Trouble is, her family's demons have moved with her. Next thing she knows, Miku is being stalked by all kinds of bizarre Japanese yokai like the faceless noperra-bo and the snake-bodied nure-onna. And what's with her creepy substitute teacher Ms. Okuda, who can transform into a flying head with a taste for children?
Book 1: Takeshita Demons
Book 2: Filth Licker
Book 3: Monster Matsuri (Coming Soon!)

The Kane Chronicles Series
by Rick Riordan

Sadie and Carter Kane have it rough. On Christmas Eve, their dad accidentally blows up the British Museum. Next thing they know, 5,000-year-old monsters are attacking their house, Sadie's able to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, clay figurines are coming to life and bossing them around, and the Kane siblings are teleporting across the world, shapeshifting into various animal forms and fulfilling a destiny thousands of years in the making. Now if they could only summon swords instead of butter knives...
Book 1: The Red Pyramid
Book 2: The Throne of Fire
Book 3: Serpent's Shadow

The Pandora Series
by Carolyn Hennesy

Pandora (Pandy, for short) is just like any normal 13 year-old-girl: she has an annoying little brother, a mom that works too much, and a dad who is being punished by the Gods of Olympus. Pandy is desperate to find something to bring to her school's annual show-and-tell, but when the mean girls tease her into opening a magical box that releases all kinds of evil and misery into the world, the Gods of Olympus give her one year to fix her mistakes. Can Pandy and her friends gather up all the evils of the world in time?
Book 1: Pandora Gets Jealous
Book 2: Pandora Gets Vain
Book 3: Pandora Gets Lazy
Book 4: Pandora Gets Heart
Book 5: Pandora Gets Angry
Book 6: Pandora Gets Greedy

The Goddess Girls Series
by Joan Holub

Brainy Athena, mysterious Persephone, lovely Aphrodite and brave Artemis are middle schoolers in Mount Olympus Academy (MOA). Can the Goddess Girls learn to get along, develop their divine powers, and get through middle school without bringing down the wrath of Principal Zeus? And what happens when boys like Hades, Poseidon, Ares and Hercules show up? Find out in the Goddess Girls series!
Book 1: Athena the Brain
Book 2: Persephone the Phony
Book 3: Aphrodite the Beauty
Book 4: Artemis the Brave
Book 5: Athena the Wise
Book 6: Aphrodite the Diva
Book 7: Artemis the Loyal
Book 8: Medusa the Mean
Book 9: Pandora the Curious (Coming Soon!)
Book 10: The Girl Games (Coming Soon!)

If you want to learn more about world mythology ......

The Norsemen
retold by Virginia Schomp

Get a head start on Rick Riordan's planned Norse mythology series by reading up on brave Tyr, righteous Frey, Thor's mighty hammer and wise Odin, father of the gods. Learn about Nordic society, the creation of the world, and the exciting battles and adventures of the gods until Ragnarok, the climatic battle at the end of the world!

Ancient Egypt: Gods and Pharaohs
retold by Marcia Williams

"In the beginning, there was only deep, dark water..." So begins Marcia William's excellent retelling of the birth of the world, the gods, and the first great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Presented in simple language and colourful, light-hearted comic strips, Gods and Pharaohs is a great introduction to the world of Ancient Egypt for young readers.

A Treasury of Japanese Folktales
by Yuri Yasuda

Filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations and presented with romanized Japanese terms to stay true to the flavour of the original retellings, Yasuda's bilingual Tales lovingly render many of Japan's most popular children's stories. Read about Kaguya Hime, the Luminous Princess born from a stalk of bamboo; the fable of Usagi and Tanuki, Rabbit and Raccoon Dog; and Brave Momotaro, the demon-slaying 'peach boy' who grows up to become one of Ancient Japan's most famous folk heroes; and more!

Treasury of Greek Mythology
by Donna Jo Napoli

Learn about about the birth of the Greek Pantheon, the strengths and weaknesses of each Olympian diety and the monstrous beasts of Tartarus, and relive the adventures of the 'real' demigod heroes Perseus, Jason and Heracles. Told in dramatic, easy-to-read prose and accompanied by lavishly detailed illustrations, presented by National Geographic.