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Richmond Public Library
First Things First
Welcome to Canada
Welcome Canada
Useful information and tips from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, such as "how to find a job", "how to find a place to live" and more.
Click here for a printable version.
Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Social Insurance Card
If you want to work in Canada or have access to government programs and benefits, you need a SIN.
Apply for your CareCard
MSP Card
Click here to learn more about the medical service plan (MSP) and B.C.'s Health Care system.
Get a Driver's Licence
BC Driver's Licence
Borrow a copy of Learn to Drive Smart from the library to study for the test.
» Find out how long you can drive as a visitor.
» Try our online driving test.
Find a Post Office Near You
Postal Service
Search for the closest post office from the Canada Post website.
British Columbia Newcomers' Guide to Resources and Services
Welcome BC
All you need to know about settling in B.C. You can also print out a guide in English (PDF) or one of ten other languages.
Get a Map of Richmond
Map of Richmond
The City of Richmond website offers different maps of your new home.
Taking the Bus, Skytrain, and More
Learn about the public transportation system and find schedules and maps.
» See a printable version of the Bus & Skytrain Timetable for Richmond (PDF)
» Where to buy bus tickets
Get a phone book
Phone Book
Check the blue pages in the phone book for telephone numbers for various government departments. You can also find immigrant-serving community organizations.
BC Seniors Guide
Seniors Guide
The BC Seniors Guide is available in English, Chinese, Punjabi, and French.