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Finding a Home

Renting a Home

Renting a Home

Welcome BC website: Housing

Learn the names of the different types of housing (e.g. co-op, townhouse.) and get general info about finding a home.

B.C. Residential Tenancy Office

Help you understand your rights and responsibilities. The simple fact sheets give short summaries about security deposit, dispute resolution, how to enter and end a tenancy and other important topics.

» See a Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement
» Read a comprehensive guide for landlords and tenants - Available in English, Traditional Chinese & Punjabi.

BC Housing

Information on the Rental Assistance Program for families and subsidized housing for low income people. Translations available in French, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Punjabi, and Spanish.

Housing - City of Richmond Website

Richmond-specific information on housing co-ops, assisted housing facilities for families and individuals, seniors, and residential care facilities.

Apartment Listings:

» Richmond Review
» Vancouver Sun
» Sing Tao Newspaper (in Chinese)
» Craigslist
» Rent BC

You can also look for "vacancy" or "for rent" signs in front of apartment buildings.

Buying a Home

Buying a Home

Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation: Housing for Newcomers

Find important housing information about renting an apartment, buying, and looking after your home in eight languages. Download the easy-to-understand Newcomer's Guide to Canadian Housing (PDF). Visit the main CMHC site for step-by-step guides, mortgage calculator and more home-buying tools.

Real Estate Council of BC: Buying a Home

A detailed guide put together by the Real Estate Council of BC.