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General Cybersafety Websites

  • A Common Sense Approach to Internet Safety
    Google and Common Sense Media teamed up to create this video of common sense tips and rules for families to help keep their children safe online. See also: Google Family Safety Center.
  • ConnectSafely
    A place for teens, parents and educators to learn how to use the social Web (e.g. FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter etc.) safely. The site has dozens of resources, including a detailed parents' guide to FaceBook and a worldwide directory of internet safety websites.
  • The Door That's Not Locked
    The Canadian Centre for Child Protection partnered with the Government of Canada to provide provide parents, teachers, and anyone else interested in keeping kids safe online with the tools and resources they need to do so.
  • Own Your Space – Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online
    Help teens and "tweens" ‘own their space’ online by downloading the electronic version of this book written by security expert Linda McCarthy. Made available by Microsoft, the book is also a useful resource for parents and educators.
  • LearnNowBC: Cybersafe with Steve Dotto
    Watch online videos on a variety of cybersafety topics hosted by BC technology expert, Steve Dotto.
  • Managing Your Child's Internet Use: A Presentation for Parents of 8 to 12-year-olds
    (Please note: allow time for the presentation to open)
    Find out how to guide your kids to safe, educational Internet surfing. Presentation compiled by Richmond Public Library's Kids' Place department with files from Common Sense Media, and the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation presentation: How Safe is Your Child Online?.
  • Be Web Aware
    Practical tools for parents, including safe surfing tips and checklists by age. Topics include cyber bullying, online predators, and Internet addiction.
  • GetNetWise
    A site created by the Internet industry and public interest organizations. Kids’ safety, spam, security and privacy are covered.
  • Media Awareness Network
    Canada’s leading website for educating families about media use, including the Internet. Don’t miss the family Internet use agreement and interactive educational games sections.
    Created by the American Academy of Pediatrics, tips and actions parents can take to ensure their child’s safety on the Internet and social networking sites.
  • Preventing Cyberbullying & Exploitation

  • ebrary Cyber Bullying Searchable Information Center
    Free, searchable library of downloadable e-books & research on cyberbullying and cybersafety. Check out the excellent Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet by Simon Johnson.
    Canada’s national tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children, operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, has age-specific guidelines for kids’ Internet use.
  • SOLOS: Safe Online Outreach Society
    This BC organization gives presentations on cyberbullying, online sexual exploitation, gang recruitment and other issues youth face online. Book programs for schools and community groups, or read current publications about keeping children and youth safe online.
    From the creators of the renowned, answers to questions about cyberbullying and how to prevent it.
  • Books

    Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet
    by Simon Johnson
    Cyber-safe Kids, Cyber-savvy Teens
    by Nancy E. Willard
    Protect Your Child on the Internet
    by John Lenardon
    What in the World Are Your Kids Doing Online?
    by Barbara Melton
    totally wired
    Totally Wired
    by Anastasia Goodstein

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