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Being A Teen: Everything Teen Girls & Boys Should Know About Relationships, Sex, Love, Health, Identity & More by Jane Fonda

A thorough and concise guide about everything teens need to know. From body changes to sexuality to bullying and abuse, this book covers it all.

Get Real: What Kind of World Are You Buying? by Mara Rockliff

Learn about how to make a difference simply by being aware of what you buy. Topics include bottled water, sweatshops, toxic chemicals leaching, landfills and much more.

Poetry Speaks Who I Am editor Elise Paschen

Poetry can be life altering; it can be gritty and difficult; it can be hilarious or heart-breaking. This book is filled with over 100 poems about everything you can think of.

Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens by Kathy Belge

This engaging guide is filled with honesty, humour and queer history. It has advice on coming out to family and friends, a look at LGBT social life and how to rise up against bigotry and homophobia.

The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir by Gaby Rodriguez

Gaby was often told that she would end up being a teen mom, just like her own mother and sisters. But she had a different idea: what if she faked her pregnancy? For her high school senior project, Gaby faked her own pregnancy to see how her family, friends and community would react.

Make the Grade: Everything You Need to Study Better, Stress Less and Succeed in School by Lesley Schwartz Martin

Learn how to study, prioritize and stay organized using realistic solutions to common problems every student has.

Bullying Under Attack: True Stories Written by Teen Victims, Bullies + Bystanders editor Stephanie H. Meyer

Read first-person accounts written by teens on life as the bullied, the bully and the bystander. The book provides insight and inspiration for change in the hopes to break the cycle of bullying.

The War to End All Wars: World War I by Russell Freedman

Take a look at “The Great War” through real accounts and archival photographs, and examine the ways in which international relationships, new alliances and modern weaponry resulted in this war.

Cleopatra Rules! : The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen by Vicky Shecter

Read about Cleopatra’s action-packed life in this book filled with a funny stories, informative sidebars and lots of photos and maps.

Vicious: True Stories by Teens About Bullying editor Hope Vanderberg

Teens open up to tell personal stories about all kind of bullying: physical, verbal, relational, and cyber. Readers will be inspired by the writers’ courage and strength.

Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens: A Cognitive Therapy Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Creating Unshakable Self-Esteem by Marci G. Fox

Learn how to boost your self-esteem so you can be yourself in every situation, no matter how awkward or scared you feel.

It Will Get Better: Finding Your Way Through Teen Issues by Melinda Hutchings

This book provides strategies to face and overcome challenging teen issues. From sexuality to alcohol to bullying to pregnancy, this book has it all.