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Transfer Audiobooks to Your iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones

Audiobooks on
iPads, iPhones & iPod Touches

Transfer Method: 2. Plug in your device and transfer your audiobooks.

Open Overdrive Media Console on your computer.

Select the audiobook title you want to transfer.
It'll turn blue.

Click the "Transfer" button on the top (near top left of the screen).
transfer button

The transfer wizard will open. If it's showing the right audiobook, plug in your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Click next.
transfer wizard
iTunes might open during this process, but you don’t need to use it, so ignore it and close it when the file has finished transferring.

In the Player section, check to make sure your Apple device is listed.
Select the part(s) you want to transfer. Then click next.

select parts

A pop up may show up like the following
AAC import settings
To make your transfer faster, you may want to follow the instructions to adjust your AAC import settings in iTunes.

Click Next. The transfer will start.
audiobook transferring

Click Finish when it's done. Look in Music and tab Playlists to find your audiobook.