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Authorize Your Computer with an Adobe ID

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eBooks on Windows & Mac Computers

Sign up for an Adobe ID and authorize my computer with it.

Recommended: Authorize all your computers, eReaders, smartphones and tablets
with the same Adobe ID

You can download and read the same eBook on multiple devices only if they all have the same ID.

1. Sign up for a free Adobe ID at the Adobe website

i. Go to Adobe website
ii. Click the blue "Don't have an Adobe ID?" link
Sign up for an Adobe ID
iii. On the next page, fill in the required fields
iv. Click Create at bottom of page. Fill in required fields

2. Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

i. Click Help, and choose Authorize Computer from the drop-down menu.
setup assistant for Adobe Digital Editions
ii. When the "Authorize Your Computer" Box appears, enter your email address (the one you used to sign up for your Adobe ID) and password.
authorize popup

iii. Click Authorize.

I don't know if I have authorized my computer or not. How do I check?

i. Open Adobe Digital Editions.

ii. If you currently have an eBook open, click Library View (top left corner).

Icon for Library View

iii. Click Help and select Authorization Information from the drop-down menu.

iv. The pop up window will tell you if Adobe Digital Editions has been authorized with Adobe ID or not.

screenshot of authorize menu

FAQ about Adobe ID

What happens if I don't authorize my computer with an Adobe ID?
Your computer will have an anonymous activation, which allows you to download and read DRM-protected eBooks on a single computer/device only.

How many devices can I authorize using the same ID?
You can authorize up to 6 computers or portable devices (eReaders, smartphones, tablets) with the same Adobe ID. Need more? Contact Adobe Support.

I forgot my password for my Adobe ID.
Click here to reset.

What if I want to use a different ID on a computer already authorized with another ID?
Deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions and then reauthorize:

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + D (Windows) or CMD + SHIFT + D (MAC). A warning message will come up to confirm that you actually want to deauthorzie your device.
  3. Click the Deauthorize button.
  4. Follow the instructions above to reauthorize your Adobe Digital Editions again.

Can I authorize the same computer with two different Adobe IDs?
Only if each person has his/her own profile or user account on the same computer.
How? Go to Control Panels on Windows or System Preferences on MAC.