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Returning eBooks from Your Windows or Mac Computers

eBooks on Windows & Mac Computers

Returning Your eBooks

Books are automatically returned when the loan period is up.

How to return eBooks early?

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Select Library View (top left corner).
    screenshot of library view
  • On the left, under Bookshelves, click on Borrowed.
    screenshot of bookshelves
  • Click on the eBook to select it.
  • Click on the arrow on the top left corner of the book cover.
  • Select Returned Borrowed Item.
    screenshot of return book
  • When the pop up box appears to confirm your action, click Return.
    screenshot of return book pop up
  • The eBook is now returned.

The book has expired, but it's still showing up on my Adobe Digital Editions.

Expired titles have a red banner over the cover

The book has already been returned, and it's off your account, but your Adobe Digital Editions still has a record that you've borrowed that title. It may be a nice way to keep a list of what you've read.
To delete it:

  • Click on the eBook.
  • Click on the book once. A blue box will appear around it.
  • Right-click on the book
  • Select Remove from Library.
  • When the pop up box appears to confirm your action, click Remove.

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