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Setting Up Your Overdrive Media Console App on Your KOBO VOX

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eBooks on

Open the app and complete the first-time set up.

1. The first time you use the app, you will be asked to enter your Adobe ID to authorize your device.

What is this? This is a free account you sign up to enable transferring books from one computer to another computer, a mobile device or an eReader.

How to sign up for a free Adobe ID

The app didn't ask me to enter any Adobe ID
or I may have missed it the first time.

Open the app and press the menu button on your phone.

Tap App Settings. Scroll to eBook Options
Enter your Adobe ID (the email address you used to sign up for the Adobe account) and your password
Tap Authorize

Authorize device with Adoble ID

2. Add "Richmond Public Library" to your "get books" list.

Open the app and press the menu button on your phone.
Tap Get Books
Tap Add a Library

Type in "Richmond Public Library" to search for it.
Search for Richmond Public Library

Scroll down the list to look for the one in British Columbia, Canada.

Tap on it.
Look for the one in BC, Canada

Tap the "star" next to Richmond Public Library to add it to your "get books" list.
Tap star next to library's listing

Next time you tap "Get Books", you'll see the library listed.

Library now added to your list

How to sign up for a free Adobe ID at the Adobe website

i. Go to Adobe website
ii. Click the yellow "Create an Adobe Account" button
Sign up for an Adobe ID
iii. On the next page, fill in the required fields (ones with the *)
iv. Click Continue at bottom of page. Fill in required fields