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Upgrade Firmware on Your Pandigital Novel eReader

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eBooks on
Pandigital Novel eReader

System Requirements:
1. Upgrade Firmware on your eReader.

Before you upgrade, please note:

  • Warning: Performing a firmware update resets all settings to factory defaults, and all your personalized data (email accounts, contacts, etc.) will be deleted
    Books or magazines you have purchased can be re-downloaded using the same Adobe ID
    Music, video, etc imported from SD card or copied from computer will not be affected
  • This update procedure only works with Windows computers for now
  • Recommended: Connect your eReader to the power adapter before performing upgrade
  • Back up all your media files to your computer

Upgrade firmware:

  • Visit Pandigital website on your computer
  • Click "Click here to run PC Application"
  • When prompted, you can either Save the program or Run it from the website. (The Run method may result in a slower process than saving & running the program directly from your computer)
  • Follow the prompts in the Upgrader window to connect your device and install the firmware into your device
  • After the download is complete, turn your device off
  • Press the Volume + button and then the power key and hold both approximately 10 seconds until you see the upgrade text appear on the screen, and then release both buttons immediately
  • Your device updates and restarts automatically

2. Make sure the date and time are correctly set on your eReader.

  • Tap the Settings application icon
    pandigital application icon
  • Tap Date & Time
  • Tap Set Date. Use the + or - to adjust to current date. Tap Set
  • Tap Select Time Zone. Select the correct time zone.
  • Tap Set Time Use the + or - to adjust to current time. Tap Set
  • Tap left arrow to return to Settings