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Transfer eBooks to Your Pandigital Novel eReader

eBooks on
Pandigital Novel eReader

Transfer eBooks to Your eReader

Just double checking to make sure you've done the following already:

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions. Click "Library View" (the one with the list of titles).

You should see your eBooks listed.

library view in adobe digital editions

2. Plug in your eReader to your computer.

You should see your eReader's name on the left in the "Bookshelves" section under "Recently Read".

It takes a minute or two for your eReader to show up, depending on how fast your computer detects your device.

I don't see my eReader.

» Is it plugged in properly? Sometimes it may take a while for the computer to recognize the eReader.

3. Click on the book you want to transfer to select it.

A blue box will appear around the title

4. Drag and drop the book over the top of the Pandigital eReader's name on the left.

When you drag the book over your Pandigital's name, the a little, green + sign will appear. You can then drop the book.

green + sign appears

If this is the first time you transfer eBooks, Adobe Digital Editions will automatically authorize your Pandigital with the same Adobe ID that your computer is authorized to.

device being authorized

Once the device is authorized, the Copy Documents box will appear, showing you the progress of the transfer.
When the transfer is complete, the box will disappear.

5. The eBook is now on your eReader.
Disconnect it from your computer and enjoy your eBook on the go!

Where's my eBook on my eReader?
Check in the different categories or folders on your eReader.
Black model: Go to B&N app and look in My Novel tab.
White model: Go to Adobe Digital Editions app on your eReader.

Problem transferring eBooks?
It's usually something to do with your Adobe ID. Reset the authorization

  • Close Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.
  • Plug in your eReader.
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions again.
  • Deauthorize your eReader by:
    Windows: Press Ctrl+Shift+E together on your keyboard
    Mac: Press Command+Shift+E together on your keyboard.
  • Click Deauthorize.
  • Now open Adobe Digital Editions one more time and re-enter your Adobe ID.
  • Try transferring your eBook again.