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Richmond Public Library
Having Trouble Logging In?

Have you typed in your information correctly?

Make sure that you are typing in your library card number correctly. Your library card number is 14 digits long and is below the barcode. See example:

Barcode Image

You can enter your library card number and phone number with or without spaces.

Are your address and phone number up-to-date?

If you are still unable to log in, contact our Webmaster so that we can check into your account. Please include the library card number and the phone number you are trying to log in with so that we can confirm that they match the ones we have on file.

Are cookies enabled in your browser and/or firewall software?

Cookies must be enabled on your computer in order to log in to our web site. Cookies are usually enabled by default in most web browsers. When you log in, your library card number and phone number are stored in a cookie and saved on your hard drive for the duration of your visit to our web site. Using cookies allows you to check your loans and holds, renew, and use our online databases from home without having to log in several times. Click here for more information on cookies and security.

Cookies can be restricted by adjusting the security settings in your Internet browser or by settings in firewall applications that you may have running on your computer (e.g. Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall or ZoneAlarm).

Check that your browser and/or firewall software allow session cookies. If you would like to use the Remember Me feature, you'll need to enable persistent cookies as well. These settings can be made using the 'options’ or 'preferences' menu.

For example, in Internet Explorer 7.0, click on Tools, Internet Options and then select the ‘Privacy’ tab and check that the setting is at Medium. This will allow the use of both session and persistent cookies.

Internet Options Dialog Box

Is JavaScript enabled on your computer?

Many areas of the web site will prompt you for login using a JavaScript pop-up window. To check that your browser has JavaScript turned on, look in Internet Options, Preferences. JavaScript is usually enabled by default in most web browsers. Also, if you have pop-up supression software (a computer application used to supress pop-ups commonly used in web ads), it may prevent your ability to login by blocking our pop-up login window. Check the options in your software about allowing exceptions.

Are you using a current Web browser?

If you are running an older version of a Web browser this may affect how our site works for you. Our web site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Mozilla Firefox 2.0+. To download the latest version of these browser at no cost, use the following links: