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Richmond Public Library
About Remember Me

Remember Me is a feature that stores your login information wherever user log in is required on the site. This is for your convenience and is something you can turn on or off.

How to turn it ON or OFF

To turn it ON, click on the Remember Me checkbox in the login window.

To turn it OFF, click on the LOG OFF link that appears next to your name at the top left hand side of the page. Logging off deletes the cookies which stores your login information and disables the Remember Me feature.

Remember Me on shared home computers

If you share a home computer with other family members, it's best not use the Remember Me feature unless each family member has a separate login profile for the home computer. Households who share one computer can either create separate profiles or simply log in/off at beginning/end of each session.

Creating separate profiles has the additional advantage of allowing each family member to maintain their own favorites or bookmark lists.

To create separate login profiles on your home computer:

  1. On Windows 95/98/ME, choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Passwords.
  2. Select the "Users can customize..." radio button on the User Profiles tab.
  3. Click "OK" to close the Passwords control panel and then open the Users control panel and add each user's name. You can leave the password fields blank if you wish.
Passwords Control Panel
Users Control Panel