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Social Studies: World War II
World War Two

World War II



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The Second World War
A closer look at Canada’s involvement during wartime and in peacekeeping.

BBC: A View of the Holocaust
Learn more about the Holocaust.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Articles focusing on different aspects of the Holocaust.

Canadian newspapers and the Second World War
Contains more than 100,000 newspaper articles from newspapers, mostly Canadian, documenting every aspect of the war. Canadian Wartime Propaganda
Contains propaganda posters from the Second World War.

CBC Archives: World War II
Radio and television clips from the CBC archives.

UBC Library: Japanese Internment During World War II
Contains links to other websites on the Japanese internment in the U.S. and Canada during WWII.

Japanese Canadian Timeline
Timeline of Japanese Canadians, starting from 1833 until 2008.

Japanese Canadian History
Describes the experience of Japanese Canadians during the war.

The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
World-history texts of primary documents from 4000 BCE to the present can be located by browsing within historical time categories.