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eLibrary Canada

Looking for articles, videos, or photos?

eLibrary Canada


What is eLibrary Canada?

eLibrary contains more than 2,500 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, and transcripts – plus thousands of maps, pictures, educator-approved websites, and multimedia (audio/video) files on a variety of different topics.

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How to Use This from Home?

Access eLibrary from the comfort of your home by logging on with your library card number and password.
Log on now (you will be directed to the login page)


Type in keywords on your topic of interest in 'Basic' or 'Advanced' Search. You also have the option of selecting Canadian documents only.



Scroll through the different articles, videos, maps and select those of interest by clicking the box 'Add to MyList'.



Click on 'MyList' at the top of the page to view all items selected and either print, email or clear your list.


To use eLibrary Canada, you will need...

  • Your library card (apply here if you don't have one)
  • Computer or cell phone with Internet access

Explore the Database

English, Arts, History, Mathematics, Science & more
Business Week, The Economist, National Geographic & more

Reading lists compiled by library staff on various topics
Reference Desk Sources
Reference Desk Sources
Atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias & more
Vancouver Province
The Province
Search for newspaper articles (2000-current)
Vancouver Sun
The Vancouver Sun
Search for newspaper articles (1997-current)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save articles that I have selected?

You can save the articles temporarily by using eLibrary's My List. Save to My List by checking the "Add to MyList" box that appears under every item in a results list. Click on the "My List" link to view your list. Once you leave eLibrary the list will be deleted.

To see a brief video on how to use My List, click here.

How do I cite an article?

Beneath every item in eLibrary, you will find citations in both MLA and APA format. You can edit any citation by clicking on the "Edit" link. All citations can be copied and pasted into your own documents or presentations.

Why use eLibrary Canada?

  • Find articles, videos, photos and more for projects and essays
  • Read articles from a variety of publications

Featured Resource

eLibrary's State and National Standards offers suggested articles that directly relate to the British Columbia Curriculum Guidelines (Grades 6-12). Select British Columbia, the subject of interest and then click GO.

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