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Richmond Public Library Richmond Public Library

An Easy Way to Learn Mandarin for Absolute Beginners

Dr. Laifong Leung will demystify Mandarin Chinese to absolute beginners. She will introduce the most basic features of the Chinese language in a fun way.

Attendance: 28

Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy

Presented by Chinese Calligrapher Yim Tse. In English.

This seminar will cover the historical development of the different scripts, character construction and composition. There will be a demonstration of the four different Chinese scripts.

Attendance: 32

Appreciation of Seal Carving

Presented by Mr. William Chan. In Cantonese.

An introduction to the origin and history of seal carving and appreciation of the artistic quality of this traditional form of art. Also including an artist demonstration.

Attendance: 9

Canadian Chinese: Cross-Cultural Understanding

Presented by Professor Emeritus Jan Walls and Mrs. Yvonne Li Walls. In English.

In this presentation, Chinese dinner etiquette, gift giving, symbolism of colors, animals and plants will be explained. As well, there will be comparisons between Canadian and Chinese views and attitudes towards individuals and groups, directness and indirectness, interpersonal relationships, and age.

Attendance: 65

Effective Chinese Diet Therapies: How to Select Chinese Herbs

Presented by Dr. Dai Shaoye, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. In Cantonese.

Learn what to take for chronic coughs and osteoporosis and how to select good quality Chinese herbs for soups.

Attendance: 40

Chinese Art Workshop for Kids

Taught by Mr. Zhen Hao. For ages 6 and up. In Mandarin.

Landscape, Birds and Flowers

Basic skills of using Chinese rush, ink and colors to paint landscape, birds and flowers.

Attendance: 28

Chinese Characters Calligraphy

Basic knowledge of the development, construction and composition of Chinese characters using Chinese brush and ink.

Attendance: 21

Chinese Art Workshop for Kids

Taught by John Leung, Angela Leung and Celia Leung. For ages 6 and up. In English.

Paint a Dragon

Dragon was the symbol of an emperor in the past. Today, it symbolizes deity, luck, strength and magnificence. The instructor will guide children to draw dragons in a simplified way with Chinese ink and brush.

Write a Dragon

Few cultures have developed their ancient pictographs into mature form of writing for use by common people. Chinese characters were developed from different scripts: Oracle Bone script (Pictograph), Seal script, Clerical scripts, Cursive script and Regular script. All of them have special characteristics and artistry. Children will learn to write the character dragon “龍” in different scripts with Chinese brush and ink,

Stamp a Dragon

Seals have been a valuable Chinese art form. They are often personalized and unique. This workshop will provide dragon stamps and greeting cards for children to create their personalized and unique dragon greeting card.

Total attendance: 225

Introduction toTraditional Chinese Medicine

Presented by Dr. Kevin Lu, TCM doctor. In English.

How to Consult a TCM Doctor.

Dr. Lu will introduce the basic knowledge of TCM: Yin   Yang, Qi   blood, the five organs or elements, diagnostic procedures, and causes of diseases.

Attendance: 24

Different Types of Treatment

The talk covers different concepts of TCM   modern medicine, prevention and treating the root cause of a disease, and the different types of treatments: herbal remedy, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and cupping therapy.

Attendance: 29

Introduction to Yijing (Book of Changes)

Presented by Mr. Chi-Kuan Chien from the Richmond Public Library’s Yijing Study Club. In Cantonese. This talk will cover the origin and development of the Yijing, its relationship with physics, and the philosophy behind the hexagrams.

Attendance: 32