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Richmond Community Services Directory

 Mental Health Services A to Z Directory

The following is a full list of all the services found in the Richmond Community Services Directory.

Last updated: Jan 4, 2016

If you can't find what you are looking for, don't forget to visit the Richmond Low-Income Resource Directory for a listing of programs and services for those in need or contact Volunteer Richmond Information Services.

Unit 9 - 7850 Edmonds St
Burnaby,  BC    V3N 1B8   (Map)
Web site: www.anxietybc.com
Phone:  604-525-7566
Fax:  604-525-7586
E-mail: info@anxietybc.com

Seeks to increase awareness of anxiety disorders, educate the general public, affected persons and health care providers, and promote access to evidence-based resources and treatments.

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services
4500 Oak Street
Vancouver,  BC    V6H 3N1   (Map)
Web site: www.bcmhsus.ca
Phone:  604-875-2345
Toll Free:  1-888-300-3038
E-mail: feedback@bcmhs.bc.ca

An agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority. Provides a range of mental health services to people across BC, including specialized tertiary mental health treatment services for adults and children, forensic psychiatric services, research and knowledge exchange, and mental health promotion.

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
Toll Free:  1-800-784-2433
If you are in distress or worried about someone else call this number. It is free and available 24 hours a day.
Web site: www.heretohelp.bc.ca
Phone:  310-6789
Offers the Distress Line Network for individuals who wish to speak to a trained volunteer specialist or require support or referrals related to mental health. This is a free call and no area code is needed. Service is available 24 hours a day. Call 310-6789.

BC Psychological Association (BCPA)
402 - 1177 West Broadway
Vancouver,  BC    V6H 1G3   (Map)
Web site: www.psychologists.bc.ca
Phone:  604-730-0501
Fax:  604-730-0502
Toll Free:  1-800-730-0522
E-mail: info@psychologists.bc.ca

Represents psychologists in BC as a body committed to advancing psychology and the psychological well-being of all British Columbians. Sponsors professional development and networking activities for members, publishes the BC Psychologist, and operates a province-wide referral service. Maintains relationships with government with the goal of expanding the role of Registered Psychologists in BC’s health care system and contributing to public policy. Promotes the value of psychological health and wellness in every aspect of life.

Psychologist Referral Service
Phone:  604-730-0522
Toll Free:  1-800-730-0522
A referral service to find a registered psychologist in BC. Call or visit the website.

BC Schizophrenia Society
1100 - 1200 West 73rd Avenue
Vancouver,  BC    V6P 6G5   (Map)
Web site: www.bcss.org
Phone:  604-270-7841
Fax:  604-270-9861
Toll Free:  1-888-888-0029
E-mail: prov@bcss.org

Dedicated to supporting families of people with serious mental illnesses, educating the public, raising funds for research, and advocating for better services for people with schizophrenia and other serious and persistent mental illnesses.

B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Education And Support Program
Web site: www.bcss.org/bridges
BRIDGES is a course taught by consumers for consumers. BRIDGES helps people learn things that will help them in their journey to recovery. People who have taken the course find it helps them to be part of their own treatment. In the course, students learn about psychiatric diagnoses. They also learn about what mental health treatments work best. More information: www.bcss.org/bridges
Family Education and Support Group
Web site: www.bcss.org/monthly-meetings-calendar
BCSS regions and branches offer support groups for family members and supporters of persons with schizophrenia and other serious and persistent mental illnesses. For a full list visit: www.bcss.org/category/calendar/monthly-meetings
Family Respite Program
Web site: www.bcss.org/respite
The Family Respite Program provides a modest amount of funding to families to pay for activities or services to help give family members helping their ill relative a break or rest. As families are all different, each family is helped to come up with a respite plan that works for them. Visit http://www.bcss.org/respite for more information.
Kids in Control Support Group
Web site: www.bcss.org/kidsincontrol
Program designed to provide information, education, and support to children 8 to 13 years of age who have a parent with a serious mental illness.
Partnership Education Presentation Program
A Partnership presentation consists of a panel of three guest speakers - a person with a psychiatric diagnosis, a family member, and a mental health professional. Each describes their experience with mental illness.
Partnership Puppeteer Program
A puppet show that educates grade 4/5 students in order to give them accurate information and to dispel the myths and misunderstandings about mental illness.
Strengthening Families Together - 10 Session Group For Family And Friends
Do you have a relative or friend with a serious mental illness? Strengthening Families Together is a 10-session group for families and friends, which provides information, skill-building, and support. Offered throughout BC in spring and fall. Visit the BC Schizophrenia Society website or call for more details.

330 - 111 West Hastings Street
Vancouver,  BC    V6B 1H4   (Map)
Web site: www.bc211.ca
Fax:  604-660-9415
TDD:  604-875-0885
Toll Free:  211
E-mail: help@bc211.ca

A fully accredited provider of information and referral services. An information and referral specialist will listen to concerns, help assess needs, and provide information on and referral to resources that can help. Offers training in information and referral skills, and data management services to non profit organizations.

Problem Gambling Helpline
Web site: www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca
Toll Free:  1-888-795-6111
E-mail: PGHelpline@bc211.ca
For people wanting help and information about problem gambling. Referrals include counselling services for adults and youth, prevention resources, self-help groups, and other community services. Funded by the Ministry of Finance. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Chimo Community Services
120 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC    V6Y 3Z5   (Map)
Web site: www.chimoservices.com
Phone:  604-279-7077
Fax:  604-279-7075
E-mail: chimo@chimoservices.com

A non-profit organization specializing in community development and social services supporting residents, newcomers, and refugees. Provides assistance to newcomers, community education to elementary and high school students, crisis intervention, counselling, support groups, and volunteer training. All services are free and confidential.

Adult Crisis & Suicide Intervention Counselling
Short-term crisis counselling with qualified professionals for adults who are experiencing crises in daily living. Professional consultations, and public and employer education seminars are also available.
Children's Counselling
Art and play therapy groups and individual counselling with qualified professionals support children and youth aged 4 to 18 who have witnessed violence at home. Includes counselling for parents.
Community Engagement
Phone:  604-279-7154
In-class presentations/workshops for high school students on stress management, suicide prevention, and preventing dating violence. The direct number for this program is 604-279-7154.
Crisis Line
Phone:  604-279-7070
Provides telephone support for people in emotional distress. Available 8:00am to 12:00am, seven days a week. Provides triage to clients of Richmond Mental Health Emergency Services.
Neighbourhood Pro Bono Law Clinics
Practicing professionals provide legal advice to people unable to afford a lawyer. Clinics cover family, immigration, criminal, civil, and personal injury law.
Nova Transition House
Phone:  604-270-4911
Provides safe shelter, information, emotional support, practical assistance, education, and advocacy for women and their children who are fleeing violence at home.
Outreach and Advocacy Service
A free and confidential advocacy service that supports people in areas of employment, housing, income assistance and other government benefits, family violence, pensions, disabilities, and taxes.
Parent Education Series
Education workshops for parents who want to maintain communication and strengthen relationships during challenging times with youth in their families.
Stepping Out
Phone:  604-279-7154
Multi-session educational program designed to build skills and emotional resiliency among pre-adolescents. Topics include diversity, assertiveness, stress and coping, peer pressure and bullying, social problem solving, friendships and role models, and accessing community resources. High school students are trained to deliver this program in local elementary schools. Call 604-279-7154 for more information.
Suicide Bereavement Support Groups
Bi-weekly support groups, facilitated by a professional counsellor, for people of any age who have lost a family member or friend to suicide.
Volunteer Program
Phone:  604-279-7131
An extensive, professional training program for qualified applicants interested in volunteering for the Crisis Line, Community Engagement, and Outreach & Advocacy program. Offers special benefits to young adults needing on-the-job experience and support in building their resumé. The direct number for this program is 604-279-7131.
Women's Counsellor
Phone:  604-279-7077
Individual counselling with qualified professionals and psycho-educational support groups for women who have experienced violence in intimate relationships, including sexual assault and childhood abuse.
Youth Counselling
Offers short-term crisis counselling with qualified professionals for youths aged 13 to 19 who are in crisis, experiencing depression, at risk of suicide, concerned about a friend or family member who is depressed, or bereaved by suicide. In-class workshops and professional consultations available.

Chinese Mental Wellness Association of Canada
250 - 5726 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC    V6X 2A9   (Map)
Web site: www.cmwac.ca
Phone:  604-273-1791
Fax:  604-273-1751
E-mail: info@cmwac.ca

Supports the recovery and self-reliance of those with mental challenges and aims to reduce the social stigma against mental illness. Provides mental health support services in Mandarin and Cantonese to mental health consumers and their families. Promotes mental wellness through monthly education workshops, outreach visits, counselling, training for volunteers, advocacy, family support groups, festival gatherings, and a telephone support line. Offers referral services and networks with communities to raise public awareness of mental illness.

Depression Recovery Program
Offers free monthly presentations, basic computer classes, basic English conversation classes, intensive and practical English classes, Chinese calligraphy classes, senior karaoke activities, counselling services, Yijing classes, and choir classes.

Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)
300 - 1140 West Pender Street
Vancouver,  BC    V6E 4G1   (Map)
Web site: www.clasbc.net
Phone:  604-685-3425
Fax:  604-685-7611
Toll Free:  1-888-685-6222

Provides legal advice and assistance. Uses and develops the law for the benefit of people who are physically, mentally, socially, economically, or otherwise disadvantaged or whose human rights need protection.

Mental Health Law Program (MHLP)
Web site: www.clasbc.net/mental_health_law_program.php
Provides legal services to people with a mental disorder receiving regulated secured treatment in BC. Offers services in three areas: representation at BC Review Board Hearings for people found by the courts to be not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder or to be unfit to stand trial due to a mental disorder, representation at Review Panel hearings for people who have been involuntarily detained under the BC Mental Health Act, and providing independent legal information on detention issues to people detained under the BC Mental Health Act at Riverview Hospital and the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.

Francis House
8640 Cruickshank Drive
Richmond,  BC    V6Y  2X6   (Map)
Phone:  604-241-0972
Fax:  604-241-0976

Provides community residential services for clients with mental health illnesses. Addresses three areas: life skills, vocational training, and recreation, with an emphasis on individual life planning. The Francis House is provided by the Sanford Housing Society.

Mood Disorders Association of BC (MDABC)
1450 - 605 Robson Street
Vancouver,  BC    V6B 5J3   (Map)
Web site: www.mdabc.net
Phone:  604-873-0103
Fax:  604-873-3095
E-mail: info@mdabc.net

Provides support, education, and hope of recovery to individuals, their friends, and families living with a mood disorder or other mental illness. Builds awareness and understanding in communities throughout BC through its education initiatives.

Psychiatric Urgent Care Program for Adults and Youth 12 to 17
1450 - 605 Robson Street
Vancouver,  BC   V6B 5J3   (Map)
Web site: www.mdabc.net/adult-psychiatric-urgent-care-program
Offers rapid access to youth* and adult psychiatric consultations and follow up care. Available by physician referral found on our website (http://www.mdabc.net/adult-psychiatric-urgent-care-program) Initial consult is one-on-one then all follow up is done in Group Medical Visits with other patients. These services take place at our Robson office. *Youth clinic is not appropriate for the following patients: in-crisis (suicidal or dangerous behavior), and youth with psychotic disorders (like schizophrenia), developmental disabilities (like autism), or eating disorders (like anorexia or bulimia).
Wellness Centre at MDABC
480 - 789 West Pender Street
Vancouver,  BC   V6C 1H2   (Map)
Fax:  604-893-6339
E-mail: teri.doerksen@mdabc.net
Provides support, education, diagnosis, and treatment options to individuals, their friends, families and colleagues living with a mood disorder and to members of the public. Builds awareness and understanding in communities throughout BC through its education initiatives and the MDABC Speakers Bureau. Offers support groups for adults, families, and youth. Offers rapid access to a Youth Psychiatric Clinic for youth ages 12 to 17 and an adult Psychiatric Clinic; both clinics are available with a physician referral, visit our website for a referral form. Wellness Centre services like group and individual therapy are offered on a self-referral basis and forms can be found on the MDABC website. Wellness services take place at our West Pender office.

Pathways Clubhouse Society of Richmond
7351 Elmbridge Way
Richmond,  BC    V6X 1B8   (Map)
Web site: www.pathwaysclubhouse.com
Phone:  604-276-8834
Fax:  604-276-0342
E-mail: info@pathwaysclubhouse.com

Mentally healthy people in a healthy society.

Pathways Clubhouse
A Clubhouse Model program, accredited by the Clubhouse International. Offers hope, encouragement and opportunities to people whose lives have been shattered by mental illness. Helps members recover from mental illness and reclaim their lives through a supportive environment that focuses on the person’s strengths and talents, rather than illness. Creates opportunities for members to return to school, gain employment, have a place to live, connect with their families, make new friends, and create multiple successes. Also provides mental health public education to increase awareness and understanding of issues and concerns about mental illness and mental health.

Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives
190 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC    V6Y  3Z5   (Map)
Web site: www.rcrg.org
Phone:  604-279-7020
Fax:  604-279-7038
E-mail: info@rcrg.org

Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, or simply RCRG, is a hub for volunteering and giving. It's also a direct service provider, operating a variety of programs designed to enhance community life.

Seniors Community Support Services - Community Action Ambassadors
Trained senior volunteers offer support to other seniors by facilitating public education forums and workshops regarding healthy aging, including mental health issues and the use of alcohol and drugs. Arrangements can be made through Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives for the Ambassadors to speak at community centers, seniors residences and other public venues in Richmond and Vancouver.

Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends Society
200 - 6061 No. 3 Road
Richmond,  BC    V6Y 2B2   (Map)
Web site: www.rcfc-society.org
Phone:  604-675-3977
Fax:  604-214-0947
E-mail: barbara.bawlf@vch.ca

Plans and oversees programs developed by mental health consumers and friends. Offers recreational activities, volunteering opportunities, a coffee house, and peer support for people dealing with a mental illness. Funded by Richmond Health Services and the SMART Fund.

Coffee House
Provides a venue to share thoughts, laughter, and games. Held on Mondays at the Richmond Mental Health team offices, Tuesdays at WAVES from 1:00 to 3:00 pm and Fridays Heron Island Cafe from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.
Peer Support Program
The Peer Support Program and the Chinese Peer Support Program support mental health consumers in their growth and recovery through consumers helping each other. Operating out of the Richmond Mental Health Team office, the program provides individualized activities based upon consumer goals and needs. A referral is necessary, visit the website or call Simmy Mok at 604-675-3977 ext.3 for more information.
Therapeutic Recreation
Phone:  604-675-3977
Activities include cultural and community outings, road trips, festivals, and spectator sporting events. A doctor or mental health professional's referral is required to join. A coffee house runs on Mondays from 10:00am to 11:00am. For more information, call 604-675-3977 ext. 4 to meet with the Recreation Coordinator.
Volunteer Program
Phone:  604-675-3977
E-mail: wai.chan@vch.ca
Volunteers perform clerical duties, do park clean-up, make greeting cards for seniors, assemble first aid kits, wrap gift packages for non-profit community service, and create crafts. Program runs from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Wednesdays and a coordinator is available on Fridays from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Referral from a doctor or other mental health professional is necessary. Call Wai Chan (Icy) at 604-675-3977 ext.5 for more information.

Richmond Society for Community Living
170 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC    V6Y 3Z5   (Map)
Web site: www.rscl.org
Phone:  604-279-7040
Fax:  604-279-7048
E-mail: info@rscl.org

Richmond Society for Community Living (RSCL) provides innovative services that respond to the changing needs of individuals living with a developmental disability, and their families, over the course of their lives. We celebrate the unique gifts of the people we serve and support their inclusion as valued members in the community. We are leaders, partners and advocates with reach beyond Richmond. With more than 1000 individuals and family members receiving support your gift will help us to create a community of inclusion that promotes Seeing Beyond Disability to Ability. Referral by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development or Community may be requred for some programs and services

Adult Day Programs
LIFE Day Services offers program participants the opportunity for social inclusion, recreation, creative expression, life skills development, volunteerism and employment. The goal is to provide adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity for community participation with an emphasis on skill development and support for participants to reach their full potential. Individuals who participate are supported by RSCL staff to access public services and programs; to engage in and contribute to their community. Programs include Avenues, Transitions, Quantum and Synergy.
Family Resource Program
Phone:  604-279-8245
E-mail: sscully@rscl.org
The RSCL Family Resource Program provides information, resources and support to families that face the extraordinary circumstances that come with having a loved one who has a developmental disability. The Family Resource Coordinator provides referrals for families to access services and programs offered by community partners and can act as an advocate for the family to ensure appropriate continuum of care.
Family Respite Program
Phone:  604-279-8245
E-mail: sscully@rscl.org
The RSCL Family Respite Program is intended to provide families and primary caregivers with time for rest and renewal, which can be especially important for those who care for children or adults with a developmental disability. The Family Respite program works with the family or caregiver to select qualified, paid respite care providers who will spend a few hours or an over-night period with their child or adult with developmental disabilities.
Infant Development Program
Phone:  604-279-7059
E-mail: atsay@rscl.org
The Richmond Infant Development Program (IDP) is a program that provides support to families with infants from birth to 3 years old who are at risk for developmental delay, have a developmental delay, or have an identified condition/diagnosis. IDP Consultants are professionals who support the parent-child relationship and are trained to assist parents in understanding and responding to their baby’s needs. Referrals are made by parents, physicians, public health nurses and other community professionals.
Residential Services
RSCL has been providing staffed residential care for more than 25 years and is a recognized leader in quality of care in the City of Richmond. Currently operating 4 homes in different Richmond neighbourhoods, RSCL staff ensures that the individuals that reside at each home enjoy the opportunity to contribute and participate fully in their community. Supported Living offers individuals and their families with an alternative to group home living. The program matches the needs and desires of the individuals with an appropriate residential model including: providing supports necessary for an individual or individuals to live independently, matching the individual with a roommate who can offer companionship and care in a semi-independent setting, or finding a home share provider in a family setting
Richmond Handycrew Co-operative
Web site: www.handycrew.ca
Phone:  604-241-4113
E-mail: info@handycrew.ca
Richmond HandyCrew Cooperative (RHCC) creates work opportunities for persons with disabilities, providing training and education for specific skills such as painting, garden maintenance, minor repairs, light carpentry, catering, home maintenance, moving and more. Owned by the employees who are personally interested in the co-op's success, RHCC is committed to building a business that provides quality service to Richmond residents and businesses.
Supported Child Development Program
Phone:  604-279-7010
E-mail: cmclellan-haqq@rscl.org
RSCL’s Supported Child Development Program (SCDP) helps families of children with developmental delays/disabilities to access inclusive child care. The program serves families with children from birth to age 19 years old, partnering with community licensed child care programs to offer a range of options for Richmond families whose children require additional supports to attend child care.
Treehouse Early Learning Centre
Phone:  604-277-8224
Fax:  604-277-8224
E-mail: lmountain@rscl.org
Treehouse is an integrated program offering care for typically developing children and dedicated spots for children with disabilities or who have additional support needs. Treehouse offers both full and part-time preschool and daycare for 25 children ages 2.5 to 5 years.
Youth Connections
Phone:  604-279-7045
E-mail: cbooth@rscl.org
Operating after school weekdays during the school year and for full days during the spring, summer and winter breaks, YC offers school-aged children and teens with a developmental disability the opportunity for social interaction and recreation in a fun and safe environment.

220 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC    V6Y 3Z5   (Map)
Web site: www.successbc.ca
Phone:  604-279-7180
Fax:  604-279-7188
E-mail: info@success.bc.ca

Builds bridges, harvests diversity, and fosters integration through service and advocacy. Provides assistance at all stages of the Canadian experience. Delivers a multitude of services in the areas of settlement, employment, health, and housing as well as business, economic, community and social development. Recognized as one of BC’s largest social service providers. Proudly serves communities in the Lower Mainland, Fort St. John and overseas in Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea.

Chinese Help Lines - Mandarin & Cantonese
Phone:  604-270-8222
Volunteers provide help and support to those who feel lonely or in despair because of unemployment, family conflict, problems with adapting to local culture, or other problems. Operates seven days a week, from 10:00am to 10:00pm. Please call 604-270-8222 for the Mandarin speaking line and 604-270-8233 for the Cantonese speaking line.

Southdale Manor
10691 Southdale Road
Richmond,  BC    V7A  2W8   (Map)
Phone:  604-277-2023
Fax:  604-277-2022

Provides community residential services to clients who have mental disability. Clients are provided with a program that will maintain quality of life, help them achieve a healthy and well-balanced emotional and physical life, and prepare residents for independent living. Offers membership to Pathways/Clubhouse, membership to Richmond Mental Health, and access to community services. Must be referred by Riverview Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health, or the Richmond Mental Health Team.

The FORCE Society for Kids' Mental Health
PO Box 91697
West Vancouver,  BC    V7V 3P3   (Map)
Web site: www.forcesociety.com
Phone:  604-878-3400
Toll Free:  1-855-887-8004
E-mail: robin@forcesociety.com

A non-profit provincial organization that provides families whose children/youth have mental health challenges, with an opportunity to speak with other families who understand and may be able to offer support or advice. The FORCE supports and empowers families and works collaboratively with professionals and systems in understanding and meeting the mental health needs of families. They also provide families and professionals with information, tools, and tips on how to support and assist children with mental health difficulties. See website for a guide to available resources.

BC FRIENDS for Life Parent Program
Web site: http://www.forcesociety.com/friends-parent-program
Educates parents about the FRIENDS program being delivered in BC schools and equips them with family-friendly tools and information to practice FRIENDS together at home whether or not a child is learning FRIENDS in school.
In the Know (ITK)
Web site:  www.forcesociety.com/in-the-know
A series of webinars and community presentations for families on child and youth mental health topics and about families’ needs for service providers. Participate in person at a community site, or view topics online.
Parent (PiR) & Youth (YiR) in Residence Program
Web site: http://www.forcesociety.com/parent-in-residence
Provides Parents and Youth with lived experience in communities throughout BC and at the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre with support, resources, navigation, mentoring and training.
Transition to Parenthood (T2P)
Web site: www.forcesociety.com/transition
A living legacy project which is creating resources and information for young adults with a mental health challenge to support the transition into parenthood.

Vancouver Coastal Health
11th Floor, 601 West Broadway
Vancouver,  BC    V5Z 4C2   (Map)
Web site: www.vch.ca
Phone:  604-736-2033
Toll Free:  1-866-884-0888
E-mail: feedback@vch.ca

Provides a range of health care services ranging from hospital treatment to community-based residential, home health, mental health, and public health services. Serves residents in the coastal mountain communities, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Richmond.

Vancouver Coastal Health - Richmond - Mental Health and Addictions
Web site: www.vch.ca
Phone:  604-244-5562

Offers numerous mental health and addiction programs to the public. For mental health emergencies, call Richmond Health Emergency Services at 604-244-5562 or call Chimo Crisis Line at 604-279-7070 or go to the Richmond Hospital Emergency Department.

Acute Home Based Treatment Program (AHBT)
An 'at home' treatment option (including shelters) that offer a choice of treatment 'at home' instead of in hospital. This type of treatment is part of a shift in mental health care towards the recovery principle, which is moving mental health practice to a more community based treatment approach. Clients must be 17 years of age or older with a mental illness, who currently require acute care, intensive treatment and support or they are at risk of requiring psychiatric hospitalization. Clients and their supports must have a stable, safe environment where staff can safely provide treatment. Access to the program is by referral only by a medical professional in the hospital or the community.
Anne Vogel Methadone Clinic at City Centre Health
100 - 8160 Cook Road
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 1T8   (Map)
Phone:  604-233-5699
Treats clients with complex addictions often involving but not restricted to opiate addiction. Many of the clients also receive their primary medical services at the clinic which consists of a multi-disciplinary team including a psychiatrist, two general practitioners, and an internist who also specializes in addictions, a counsellor (counselling psychologist), and a social worker. Refers to other services such as residential care, detox, other outpatient addiction services, and hospital and outpatient mental health services.
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program (CAP)
6100 Bowling Green Road
Richmond,  V6Y 4G2   (Map)
Phone:  604-207-2511
A program for children and youth 5 to 18 years of age, and their families, who are affected by serious mental health issues. Services include crisis response, youth-focused mental health promotion and counselling, and a consultation clinic for family physicians to access psychiatric services. Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm with extended evening hours Thursday at 7:00pm. Some services require a referral.
Community Based Support - Pathways Club House
7351 Elmbridge Way
Richmond,  BC   V6X 1B8   (Map)
Phone:  604-276-8834
Contracts with the Canadian Mental Health Association to provide a variety of mental health services including supported housing programs, rehabilitation programs, a social/recreation program, wellness programs, a public education program, Bounce Back, support to Chinese speaking individuals with a mental illness, their families and service providers. Also liaises with services and programs that serve the Chinese speaking community.
Community Mental Health Programs for Adults
6061 No. 3 Road
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 2B2   (Map)
Phone:  604-675-3975
Offers community based psychiatric assessment and treatment for adults with a severe and persistent mental illness that interferes with their functioning in the community. Multidisciplinary services include case management, outreach, and rehabilitation programs.
Community Mental Health Programs for Older Adults
6061 No. 3 Road
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 2B2   (Map)
Phone:  604-675-3975
Community based assessment and treatment for older adults with dementia-related behaviour problems or psychiatric and medical needs requiring multidisciplinary care including case management and rehabilitation services. Family support and education are also provided. Care is coordinated with primary care physicians, elder care facilities and other community programs. Services are provided on an outreach basis.
Crisis and Help Line - Cantonese and Mandarin
220 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 3Z5   (Map)
Phone:  604-270-8233
Fax:  604-279-7188
Counselling and support is available seven days a week from 10:00am to 10:00pm in Cantonese or Mandarin. Assists people who feel lonely or in despair because of unemployment, family conflict, difficulty adapting to local culture, or other problems. Volunteers offer information about community resources. For Cantonese call 604-270-8233; for Mandarin call 604-270-8222.
Crisis and Help Line - English
120 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 3Z5   (Map)
Phone:  604-279-7070
Provides telephone counselling to people in distress, seven days a week from 8:00am to midnight. Offers support and non-judgmental understanding to help callers identify problem areas and work towards resolving them.
Crisis and Suicide Intervention
120 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 3Z5   (Map)
Phone:  604-279-7077
E-mail: chimo@chimoservices.com
Chimo Community Services offers a counselling service to people who are experiencing a crisis, who are at risk of suicide, or who have made a suicide attempt. Counselling service is available to those ages 19 and older. Limited counselling for those under 19 is also available. Offers a support group for those who have lost a friend or family member to suicide.
DART (Drug and Alcohol Resource Team)
7000 Westminster Highway
Richmond,  BC   Phone:  604-244-5396
Operates Monday to Saturday. Offers addictions assessment, counselling, education and referral services for hospital inpatients and provides information and connections to community resources. Services provided include consultation, assistance with decision making and nursing management, counselling, assistance with discharge planning, treatment planning and referral to community based addiction resources, education, and resource materials related to substance use.
Early Childhood Mental Health
7000 Westminster Highway
Richmond,  BC   V6X 1A2   (Map)
Phone:  604-278-9711
Assists families who have children 0 to 5 years of age who have challenging behaviours. Provides assessment and treatment of a wide range of behavioural problems including crying, bonding, sleep difficulties, toileting problems, aggression and anxiety. Treatment is tailored to the individual needs of the child and family. Operates Monday to Thursday, call for hours of operation at extension 4055.
Hospital Inpatient Program
7000 Westminster Highway
Richmond,  BC   V6X 1A2   (Map)
Phone:  604-244-5504
An 18-bed inpatient psychiatry unit providing assessment and treatment to adults with psychiatric diagnoses who require 24 hour management in hospital. Staffed by an interdisciplinary team who work with the patient, their family, and community supports to provide individualized patient-centred care. Discharge planning may include a referral to community resources for follow up.
Mental Health Emergency Services (MHES)
Phone:  604-244-5562
A mobile service providing community assessment and intervention to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Services include assessments, referrals to follow up mental health services (both hospital and community based), health care professionals or other agencies. Evening and weekend intervention and support are provided to individuals during non-office hours through the crisis line service. Hours of operation are 11:00am - 1:00am, seven days a week.
Needle Exchange Locations
For disposal of used needles in a safe and legal way to reduce the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C and to prevent other health complications. Reduces the number of needles in public places and the incidence of needle-stick injuries. Encourages safer injecting practices by providing sterile water, alcohol wipes, and health information. Services are provided in a safe and non-judgmental manner. Clean needles are available in exchange. Locations are at City Centre Health (8160 Cook Road, Richmond, 604-233-5699) and Richmond Public Health (8100 Granville Avenue, Richmond, 604-233-3150).
Peer Support, Mental Health
200 - 6061 No. 3 Road
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 2B2   (Map)
Phone:  604-675-3977
In partnership with the Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends Society. Provides a peer support program for mental health consumers. Provides funding which increases the effectiveness of the mental health system while helping mental health consumers develop skills and gain confidence. Offers a peer support program for Chinese-speaking clients.
Psychiatry Emergency Unit (PEU)
Phone:  604-244-5475
A 4-bed brief stay (72 hours or less) unit providing assessment, stabilization, and treatment to individuals experiencing a psychiatric/mental health crisis. Provides specialized mental health and addictions services in an environment that supports a patient and family centered approach. The interdisciplinary team has the support of both hospital and community resources, on an as needed basis. Provides discharge planning, case consultation, and linkage with community resources for follow up.
Richmond Addiction Services Society (RASS)
200 - 7900 Alderbridge Way
Richmond,  BC   V6X 2A5   (Map)
Web site: www.richmondaddictions.ca
Phone:  604-270-9220
Provides a variety of services for those who have alcohol, drug, and gambling problems. Helps family members and others who are affected by substance misuse. Services include individual counselling, an education program, youth outreach counselling, constructive alternatives to teen school suspension, therapy groups, relapse prevention, public education presentations, seminars and workshops, prevention and community outreach programs and services, and older adult services.
Richmond Bridge House
Phone:  604-244-7840
A 10-bed residential short stay crisis intervention facility for clients who are experiencing a mental health crisis but do not require an acute psychiatric hospitalization. Clients are cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be admitted for a maximum of 14 days. Provides an environment where clients have the opportunity to learn new skills to manage their illness. Referrals require a physician assessment prior to acceptance and are screened prior to admission to ensure the facility is able to provide safe care.
Richmond Eating Disorders Program
Phone:  604-244-5489
A voluntary program that offers community-based assessment and treatment for youth, adults and families with eating disorders. Treatment may include individual, group, and/or family counseling, medical monitoring, and nutritional support. A referral from a family physician is required in order to be scheduled for an assessment and client must be a Richmond resident.
Richmond Mental Health and Addictions Housing
Phone:  604-675-3975
Provides a continuum of housing services to individuals with severe and persistent mental health conditions. This includes Licensed Specialized Residential Care Facilities, Enhanced Supported Housing and Supported Independent Living placements.
Richmond Mental Health Outpatient Services (RMHOS)
7000 Westminster Highway
Richmond,  BC   V6X 1A2   (Map)
Phone:  604-244-5534
Community-based assessment and treatment for adults and older adults with mood and/or anxiety disorders and related problems of living. Group therapy programs and psychiatric consultation and treatment services are offered. Psychiatry Clinics include: adult mental health, reproductive mental health, older adult mental health, and cross-cultural services. Open Monday to Friday, call for more information.
Richmond School Program
6480 Blundell Road
Richmond,  BC   V7C 1H8   (Map)
Phone:  604-718-4056
Provides school accessed, short to medium term, early intervention treatment services for high-risk elementary school children manifesting psychiatric disturbances. Open Monday to Friday.
Supporting Families with Parental Mental Illness Initiatives
Phone:  604-270-9220
Funded by the Ministry for Children and Families in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health. Organized and run by a community table in Richmond consisting of members from many agencies. Programs are available to anyone living in Richmond who has a family member with a mental health or substance use issue, or both. Programs include Building Resiliency in Children, Super Tuesday, Super Saturday Club, Life Lessons, and Family Fun Nights. Call 604-270-9220 for more information.
600 - 8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond,  BC   V6Y 3T6   (Map)
Phone:  604-244-5486
Offers outpatient assessment, treatment and advocacy/referral services for adults experiencing substance misuse, mood and anxiety disorders and/or concurrent psychiatric, and substance use disorders. Individual and group counselling are available. Open Monday to Friday.

West Coast Mental Health Network Society
163 West Pender Street
Vancouver,  BC    V6B 1S4   (Map)
Web site: www.wcmhn.org
Phone:  604-733-5570
Fax:  604-733-9556
E-mail: office@wcmhn.org

A charitable, non-profit society run wholly by and for men and women who have experienced treatment in the mental health system. Operates as a community within a community, a safe place where members can attend a variety of self-help groups, monthly education workshops in alternative healing, and other informative and entertaining events in the Lower Mainland. Runs a Peer Support Bridging program which matches peers up for social contact with volunteers.

Westminster House
11675 Bird Road
Richmond,  BC    V6X  1N7   (Map)
Phone:  604-270-9510
Fax:  604-270-3539

Provides community residential services for clients with a mental illness. Focuses on the rehabilitation of residents and programs that will develop skills for independent living. The House is provided by the Sanford Housing Society.