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1000’s of titles. Many exclusive. All iPod compatible


New OneClickdigital Combined App Available

Please be advised that as of November 2nd, 2015 the original OneClickdigital eReader app for eBooks will no longer allow user logins. Users who have been using the original eBook app will need to install the new OneClickdigital combined app. The new app allows users to access both eBooks & eAudiobooks with one single app. Users of the original OneClickdigital app for eAudio/downloadable audiobooks would have already received the required update for the new, combined app, and they will not need to delete anything or make any additional modifications.

For a brief video on how to use the new combined OneClickdigital app, click here.


The Basics

  • All titles Mac and iPod compatible!
  • App available for Apple and Android devices
  • 3 items out at a time
  • Checkout for 21 days
  • Titles automatically expire after lending period ends
  • 3 holds at a time
  • 2 renewals allowed (for an additional 21 days each)
  • Option to return audiobooks early
  • Richmond Public Library card required
  • Restricted to Richmond residents

How it Works

  1. Create an account! You’ll need to provide your library card number, name, address, and email. Then, make up a username and password to use with OneClickDigital Audiobooks. You’ll also need to select what operating system you use (Windows or Mac). If you’re only planning on using your Android device, select Windows.
  2. Get the free software.
    Using your home computer or laptop? Install the OneClick Media Manager
    Using a mobile device? Install the OneClickDigital App for Apple or for Android
  3. Find, check out, and download an Audiobook!
  4. If using your desktop computer, transfer the audiobook to your iPod or other device.
    Note for Mac Users: You must use an iPod if you are downloading to a Mac computer. Regular mp3 players are not compatible with OneClick Audiobooks for Mac.

What Devices Are Compatible?

  • Most OneClick Audiobooks are protected files, which means you can play them on most generations of iPods, as well as DRM 10 compatible portable music players.
  • If you are using an mp3 player, you may need to set your USB connection to MTP mode when transferring from your computer
  • Devices that will not play protected files include:
    • Sony NWZ Series, Model E474
    • Sansa View (FW 1.03.XX and below)
    • Sansa e200v2 (FW 03.01.14 and below)
    • Sansa Clip (FW 1.01.11 and below)
  • There are a few unprotected audiobook files on OneClick, which can be played on any portable music player. You can use the filters on OneClick's site to narrow down the audiobook selection to either protected or unprotected files.
  • To view a full list of devices that will play protected files (and those that will only play unprotected files), click here.

Important Note for Mobile Devices

Audiobooks will automatically begin downloading when you start playing them. So that you don’t get extra data charges, we recommend turning off your data packet until the audiobook has finished downloading. You can tell how much of the audiobook has downloaded by tapping the opened book icon at the top right of the screen. The chapters will be listed; if they’re downloaded they will be in black bold font. If they are not yet downloaded, they will be coloured grey. When all the chapters have turned black, the audiobook has finished downloading and you can disconnect from wireless. You can stop the download at any time by fully exiting the app.

For full instructions, click on one of these printable guides:

Getting Started with OneClick (3:30)

OneClick for Windows Computers (2:32)

OneClick for Mac Computers (4:07)


  • How many times can I download an audiobook? How many devices can I transfer it to?
    You can listen to the same audiobook on as many computers as you like; similarly, you can listen to the same audiobook on as many mobile devices as you like if you are using the OneClickdigital App. However, if you are downloading the audiobook to your PC and transferring it out to a device (by plugging the device in to your computer and transferring the audiobook via the OneClick Media Manager), you are limited to transferring to two different devices.

  • Can I burn OneClick Audiobooks to CD?
    No, unfortunately OneClick Audiobooks cannot be burned to CD, as they are protected files.

  • How big are the file sizes of OneClick Audiobooks?
    This varies by the length of the book, but most oneclick audiobooks are between 150 - 250 MB; they shouldn't exceed 500 MB in size.

  • How do holds work?
    You need to be logged in to place a hold (the hold button won't show up until you do!). To place a hold on a title, all you need to do is click the "Hold" button. When the hold becomes available it will automatically be checked out to you, and you will be sent an email to the address attached to your account that your book is ready to download.

  • Can I return my audiobooks early? YES! You can return them either from the website, by going to “My Collections”, and looking for the title under the “Checked Out” tab, or through the App by going to “Browse” and then to “My Collections.” You can also return them through the OneClickDigital Media Manager software on your home computer.