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  • Service Interruption Notice

    Dear Library Members,

    Please be advised that due to a major computer system upgrade, a series of service interruptions will occur from Monday June 15th to Mid-July.

    Unfortunately due to this upgrade the Reading History on all accounts will be lost. New reading history records will begin re-populating in the upgraded computer system after Wednesday June 24th.

    We strongly recommend that you print and save your existing reading history by June 20th. If you are unable to, please contact us and we will retrieve your reading history for you and send it to you via email. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this system upgrade - it is unfortunately unavoidable in this type of major system upgrade.

    Starting Tuesday, June 23rd there will be changes to our Notification System.
    New Service - these email notices will be sent for overdue items

    • 1 day overdue email notice
    • 7 day overdue email notice
    • 21 day overdue email notice + library charges bill

    During the transition to our new system, there will be some interruptions and inconsistencies in the notifications. Telephone Notifications in particular will be out of order from Monday 22nd to Monday 29th. We will make every effort to minimize disruptions, and we will not be charging overdue fees on items due between Monday June 22nd to Monday July 6th to ensure that you will not be penalized during this time.

    To check when a particular service will be unavailable, please refer to the service interruption timeline below. You are welcome to contact us for further assistance or information.

    Service Interruption Timeline


    On Monday June 15, 2015

    These services will be Unavailable:
    • Address Change Form
    • PIN Change
    • Contact Info Changes
    * Listed services will resume on June 24th Service Interruptions

    On Sunday June 21, 2015 @ 5pm

    Accessing Library Account Info will be Unavailable:
    • Placing / Editing Holds
    • Renewals
    Access Unavailable for these services / resources:
    • DVD Dispenser
    • 3D Printer Booking System Access
    • Create & Learn Access
    • OverDrive eBook Account Access
    • Lynda.com Account Access
    Access Interruptions to these resources**:
    • Zinio eMagazine
    • OneClick eAudiobooks
    • Hoopla eMusic, eVideo, eAudiobook
    • **existing accounts will be functional, but new accounts cannot be created during service interruptions
    * Listed services will resume on June 24th Service Interruptions

    On Monday June 22, 2015

    Notification System Interruption:
    • Telephone Notifications Out of Order
    • No overdue fees on items between Mon June 22nd & Mon July 6th 2015
    • New Email Notifications for Overdue Items
    Service Interruptions

    On Wednesday June 24, 2015

    A temporary online search catalogue will be used in place of our current library catalogue.
    Other interrupted services will resume to normal after this date. Most Services Resume


    Temporary catalogue will be reverted back to our current library catalogue.
    System upgrade completes.
    All services will resume.
    All Services Resume