A Child’s Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

By Kady MacDonald DentonThis is a classic collection that I use almost every week when I prepare for my storytimes and babytimes. It’s a fun collection of nursery rhymes, verses and songs brought to us by the illustrator of such favourites as The Sniffles for Bear and A Bedtime for Bear. This book has everything from Three Blind Mice to Shoe a Little Horsey. I especially appreciate the way that the editor has created categories within the book, for instance, the section entitled; “Welcome Little Baby” is filled with nursery rhymes specifically geared towards baby. Other chapters include; Toddler Time, In the Schoolyard, and All Join In. This won the prestigious Canadian Council for the Arts Governor General’s Literary Award. The simple, water colour images on each page add a whimsical feel and help tell the story behind each rhyme. So if you are looking for a calming nursery rhyme or a lively action song please pick up a copy of A Child’s Treasury of Nursery Rhymes today.