A Hole In My Heart

A Hole In My Heartby Rie Charles     Set in North Vancouver in 1959, 12 year old Nora, who’s mother has recently passed, has moved from Penticton for her father’s work. Her two older sisters are also there as nurses in training. Nora feels isolated and neglected by her father, who is withdrawn and refuses to talk about her mother. The story is interspersed by letters from Nora’s cousin and best friend, Lizzie, who was born with a hole in her heart. Lizzie and her parents stay with Nora’s family for a cutting edge heart surgery, and Nora fears that she will lose her too.      I enjoy this book, however be aware that it tackles some heavy topics. It addresses grief, bullying, and the abuse of one of Nora’s classmates. The characters feel real and this is a good book about loss and being honest about one’s emotions.