Bluecrowne: A Greenglass House Story

Bluecrowne: A Greenglass House StoryBy Kate Milford

Fans of Greenglass House rejoice!  Kate Milford gives us some Greenglass House history in Bluecrowne.  

Lucy Bluecrowne has been raised on a schooner.  The Left-Handed Fate is her home, but in the early 1800s, a ship is not a safe place for a little girl.  Lucy’s father and the rest of the crew regularly do battle with other ships.  When Lucy is injured in one of those battles, her father decides enough is enough.  He and Lucy retrieve her stepmother, Xiaoming, and her stepbrother, Liao, from their home in China.  When they make landfall in Nagspeake, they know they have arrived at their new home.

Lucy begins the process of moving into the beautiful Greenglass House but longs for her home at sea.  She is terribly sad to be left at the house while her father continues his life aboard ship.  In an attempt to keep her happy, her father offers to buy her a small boat – her first command!  Lucy is thrilled, and drags Liao along to find one.

For his part, Liao is obsessed with fire and fireworks, and at seven years old is quite skilled with pyrotechnics.  Greenglass House will be different from China, but will at least offer him his own workshop.

As the two siblings set out to explore their new surroundings, they meet two peddlers, Trigemine and Blister, who are awfully interested in them.  Aware of Liao’s love of fire, Blister offers to bring him some supplies that can help him put on a thrilling show.  But these peddlers are not what they seem.

Trigemine and Blister arrive at Greenglass House and lure Liao into his workshop.  When Lucy sees a big explosion, she fears that Liao is dead.  When she can’t find him, she becomes frantic.  She soon begins to realize that Trigemine and Blister have powers beyond her imagining.  But to her surprise, her stepmother does too!  

Join the early inhabitants of Greenglass House on an adventure that crosses space and time, and that brings ancient Chinese mythology to life in a blaze of glory!