Book of the Month – August – Red Queen

Red Queen

by Victoria Aveyard

For 17-year-old Mare, life is determined by the colour of your blood.  Silvers have money, prestige, and special abilities.  Reds have nothing, and are destined to a life of servitude and military service, fighting a war that never seems to end.  Mare is a Red, and spends her days pickpocketing to earn a living,  When her best friend is conscripted to fight in the on-going war, Mare is determined to find a way out. But a twist of fate leads her to discover an ability she never knew she had.

A Red with abilities?  How can this be?  In order to hide the truth from everyone, the king disguises Mare as a long-lost Silver princess and betroths her to one of his sons.  Of course things aren’t simple – not everyone has Mare’s best interests at heart.  Who can she trust?  And what about the family she left behind? What will become of them?  As she lives at court, secrets, lies and romance bloom.

A nice mixture of fantasy, dystopia and romance.

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