Down the Mysterly River

By Bill Willingham
Award winning author, Bill Willingham brings us Down the Mysterly River. Through this tale readers get a glimpse into a world beyond the pages of a book. This is a suspenseful story about friendship and adventure. Four unconventional friends meet and take off on a mysterious undertaking. Our main character Max, one day finds himself in a strange land and with a loss of memory. He makes friends with a badger named Branderbrock, a black bear named Walden, a cat named McTavish the Monster. All of these creatures can talk and have a loss of memory just like Max. They band together to discover who they are, and why they are here and what they need to do to survive. They face evil forces, great threats and they persevere.
I enjoyed the twists and turns in this story, I especially like the twist at the end and I think you will too.