If I Were You

by Leslie Margolis

Best friends Katie and Melody envy each others lives because they are under the impression that the other one leads the perfect life. Katie has two younger stepbrothers whom she babysits for and it is always noisy at her house. Melody, on the other hand, lives in a mansion and always wears the best stuff. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too good right now because Katie and Melody are not talking.

While riding the bus to the beach on the last day of summer, Katie makes a wish that she could be Melody as the bus emerges from the Crescent Moon Tunnel (something Melody and her always did when riding the bus to the beach). Melody is also on the bus with Kevin, a boy Katie called dibs on first. It’s silly to think that the wish will come true but Katie feels a tingling sensation and next thing she knows she’s in Melody’s body sitting next to Kevin! Katie and Melody have switched bodies and now they get to redo summer as one another. Along the way, they will learn some surprises and maybe figure out for once and all who really has the better life.