Just Jaime

Just JaimeBy Terri Libenson

Jaime and Maya have been friends forever, but lately they seem to be growing apart.  They’ve formed a group with Celia and Grace, but it seems to Jaime that the three other girls are subtly making fun of her.  She just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

For her part, Maya isfeeling annoyed with Jaime.  Jaime doesn’t even care about the way she looks or showing off for boys.  Why isn’t Jaime growing up like the rest of them?

When a confrontation between these two BFFs finally happens, it’s sad and scary and both girls learn a lot.  Luckily, both have other friends and family to fall back on.

This graphic novel tells Jaime and Maya’s stories in alternating chapters and with different art styles for each girl.  Readers who are experiencing their own school dramas will enjoy Just Jaime.