Lumberjanes: Bonus Tracks

Lumberjanes: Bonus TracksBy various authors

The Lumberjanes are five girls: April, Jo, Mal, Molly and Ripley.  They are best friends and Lumberjane Scouts, similar to Girl Scouts or Guides.  During their summers at camp they embark on all kinds of adventures and often encounter mythical forest creatures.

Various authors and artists, all women, have created their own Lumberjanes stories which are now collected here in Lumberjanes Bonus Tracks.  In these stories, the five cabin-mates discover ghost ponies which are being hunted by the evil creature Sola, try to capture the ghost of an evil axe murderer who is haunting their camp, and participate in medieval games where they meet a real dragon.

Lumberjanes stories are a bit wacky and sometimes spooky, but the five girls always live up to their motto: “Friendship to the max!”

Lumberjanes Bonus Tracks is just one title in the Lumberjanes series of graphic novels.