Moxie and the art of Rule Breaking: a 14-day mystery

By Erin DionneDo you love a good mystery? Well then, Moxie and the art of Rule Breaking by Erin Dionne may just be what you’re looking for. This treasure-hunt story is based on the real events of an art heist. Our main character, Moxie, and her best friend Ollie have a great summer planned. They both have train passes and permission from their parents to go into Boston as long as they go together. These carefree plans get turned up-side-down when a mysterious red head shows up looking for Moxie’s grandfather. Apparently Moxie’s grandfather used to “do jobs” for the mob and now some mobsters are looking for “their stuff.” Unfortunately Moxie’s grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer’s and he’s living in a nursing home. He does not have many lucid memories and so Moxie and Ollie take on the challenge of solving one of Boston’s biggest, unsolved mysteries; The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum art heist.