Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

By Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger lives in a proper town with proper buildings.  He and all his animal friends wear fancy clothes and hats, and know just how to behave at all times.  They walk on two feet instead of four, and they say things like “Good day” and “I suppose”.  They drink tea out of lovely teacups and when they address their children they politely say, “Please do not act like wild animals.”

But Mr. Tiger soon gets tired of all this propriety.  Then he has a wild idea.  First he starts walking on all fours.  Then, shockingly, he takes off his clothes.  He soon disappears into the jungle, leaving his disapproving friends behind.

The jungle is an adventure, but Mr. Tiger soon finds it lonely and returns to town, only to find that change has taken place and some of his friends have followed his lead!

Peter Brown helps children discover that losing your inhibitions is just what is needed at times.  Is it alright to be different?  Is it OK to be yourself?  Mr. Tiger proves that yes, being yourself is the best way to be.  And eventually, your friends will come around.